My Inner Momma Lioness

Scenario One:

Cole was in a jumpy and another older boy tackled him and would not let him up.  I called into the jumpy and told the boy to let him up.  Again the same boy tackled Cole and would not let him up.  This time I went into the jumpy and got the boy off of Cole and told him to leave Cole alone.  I proceed to tell Cooper to keep an eye on his brother and help him out if that boy came back.  He never came back.

Scenario Two:

Cooper was playing at an indoor playground and another boy was chasing him and telling his other friends to ‘get him’.  Now Cooper is a bit sensitive, so I tried letting him work it out and gave him some advice on how to do so.  The kid continued to bother Cooper so I spoke to the kid and asked him to stop.  He ignored me so I proceeded to ‘stare him down’ whenever he came near Cooper.  He left Cooper alone.

Scenario Three: 

Cole was at the playground and this older girl kept cutting him off wherever he went.  I asked her to stop, but she proceeded to continue this behavior.  So then I ‘blocked’ her with my body whenever she tried to cut in front of Cole.  Real mature on my part right? 

I know, I know…probably not my finest hour, but nobody messes with my kids!  Yes, it is my inner momma lioness coming out.  Ken makes fun of me and asks if I plan to fight their battles when they grow up.  And yes, I probably would. 

I know I am not doing them much good by intervening, but kids can be mean.  And when someone is mean to my kids, something takes over…I am calling it my inner momma lioness.  I have a really hard time standing back and watching my kids get treated badly. 

When Cooper and Cole are fighting, I can ‘stand down’ for a few minutes and let them work it out, because I know they love each other.  But if some one else messes with my boys, watch out. 

Yes I am one of those moms.  Some may call it overprotective, but I call it caring.  I am working on it, but it’s hard.

And hey, where are the parents of these kids who are being mean?  In my scenario 1, I have no idea where the parents were as they never revealed themselves.  In my scenario 2, the grandfather of that boy was sitting reading the paper in the back of the room and never once looked up to check on his grandson.  What really bothered me was when we the boy stopped to have a snack, the grandfather never stopped reading the paper.  The kid sat there in silence with his grandfather eating his snack and then ran off 10 minutes later to play.  In scenario 3, the father was there, but he had three other kids too and was just paying attention to the youngest one. 

When I think about it, I am OK with being an overprotective momma lioness.

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    Lisa, thank you SO much for this post! I have been struggling with this a great deal. I am a teacher turned stay-at-home mom, and I constantly find myself in a situation where I can't win. I fight the urge to intervene, though the teacher in me wants to, and yet, I don't know how to equip my own children to handle the children of absentee parenting. There have always been those children who behave poorly or lack manners, etc., but it just seems like the number is on the rise. Yesterday we spent some time at the library, and after choosing some books, my son decided to build a train set in the play area. After building this elaborate track, some kids came running in and tore it all up. He was devastated. I explained to him that the tracks were for sharing and everyone could play together, or they could break up the track (now already broken) and builder smaller, separate tracks. Despite my advice, the other kids kept taking things away from my son until he had none left. I encouraged him to talk to the kids and ask for some pieces back, which he did, and they simply pushed him away...all with their mother watching. I do not condone violence under any circumstances, so I simply told my son that it was time to go home, in an effort to avoid any further shoving. Consequently, my son was angry with me and with the situation, and I was equally as frustrated. How can you possibly win in a scenario where the other parent simply couldn't care less?

    It's unfortunate, perhaps, but I think the inner mama lioness has become a necessity!

  • Hi - Thank you so much for the comment. Who knows what the right answer is on how to handle this, but if I see anyone messing with my kids, I can't help myself.

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