Life Without a Computer or Cell Phone

I say this frequently, but today, it is really hitting home...what did we do before cell phones and the internet?

How did people meet up at large events? "Let's all meet at 7:15 at..."

What if you got lost!?  You asked at a gas station (if you're female).

What if you have a bet going? "John Cusack's first role was in "16 Candles" "No way, it was in "The Sure Thing'..."

Imagine a world in which you'd never know that a girl you once knew in high school just took her first yoga class.

How did people find things for sale? Scott recently realized his life-long dream and became the owner of a 16' Hobie Cat sailboat (more on that in another blog). He found it online in Cadillac, MI. We tried to reason out how one would even have known about that boat in the 'olden times'. Call various local newspapers for a copy of their want ads or a 'zine specializing in used boats? Await snail mail for delivery? Wow.

Completing 20 invitations or phone calls and repeating all the who/what/where/whens for a party or Bunco-vs- sending one happy little Evite.

God forbid a song was stuck in your head but you can't remember the name of it (or you just want to hear it again). Argh. You would have to wait til you heard that song again on the radio, or til you checked your 8-track or tape collection. (or sort through your LPs). Do these kids today even know what a mix tape is (the first playlists)?

(Insert old crotchety voice here) I remember when I babysat, I would get a list of where the parents would be and when, along with the phone numbers. I would have to call the actual restaurant where they would be paged! They would have to leave the table to answer the house phone. Perhaps bars and restaurants are the most thankful for cell phones ("Paging Mr. Herman, Mr. P. W. Herman").

This is all in my head recently, as while on vacation (physically and technologically), I decided to peek into Facebook to see how people were doing. I was barraged with images from my town of basements flooded, yards underwater and statuses like: "am cleaning out 2 feet of sewage in my basement". What?! We arrived home nine days later to a dry floor, thanks to our beloved drains, but at least 2 inches of ground water had coursed through our basement, leaving mold, mildew and lots of work to do in it's wake.

Oh, and the computer is not working-it may have been damaged in the water somehow (a vacation from it wasn't enough)...and I have to take the kids to the library just to write this blog.

Lost instruction manual? Directions? Illness/symptoms/diagnosis? Support groups? Dating? Missed favorite TV show? Breaking news? Weather report? Cool games for kids? Seriously, how did we ever survive before? Ay, Mama!


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  • I always wonder that. As a boy growing up I had an Atari, then Nintendo, then Playstation, then Xbox, and pretty much between the Nintendo and Playstation the internet came along. Now I've dropped them all to go steady with the internet.

  • At a certain age, we start sentences with, "Back in my day ..."

    We stayed out till the street lights went on, when I got my kids a phone, I would be frantically calling them to come home, but it's a very different world now.

  • I loved that time. When my husband and I met in college, we would go on road trips with friends and plan to meet at certain rest stops at specific. We didn't have GPS, cell phones, digital cameras, ipods and it was the best time of our lives.

    I just don't think it is possible now.

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