How Michael Jackson Slipped Through Her Fingers

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Almost everybody has a celebrity they would love to meet; someone in a movie or whose music triggers unforgettably sweet memories. For my friend, Cathy, hers is Michael Jackson, and she tells a funny story about the night she almost took him home with her.

Growing up MJ's songs were my life's soundtrack. Knowing my dreams of meeting him would not come true, this past May I was excited to have the chance to do the next best thing and bid on a signed album of 'Thriller' at Project Ladybug’s Ladies’ Night Out fundraiser in New Jersey. 

Just seeing his handwriting in person, silver ink on his white suit on the black cover, gave me... well, a thrill! I pictured Michael signing that classic piece of music history and for a moment felt as though I had moonwalked with the King of Pop.

Cathy owes her thanks for the pseudo-meeting to Autograph Store Charity Fundraising, a company that has been working closely with Project Ladybug for the past year. They offer a wide variety of fundraising items on a consignment basis from the worlds of music, entertainment, sports and history, in addition to unique trips and experiences.

As you know, we launched Atia's Project Ladybug Fund in Chicago earlier this year and the Autograph Store was one of the first companies to sponsor The Ladybug Bash. In fact, they sponsored that and Atia's Celebration of Life - both our major fundraising efforts this year - and are already on-board to be part of our Second Annual Ladybug Bash next April with items from Justin Beiber and Twilight.

Partnering mostly with non-celebrity sponsored events, Autograph Store Charity Fundraising has been excited to collaborate with a charity started by and run by television personality, Dina Manzo of HGTV’s Dina’s Party and former star of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

"Project Ladybug offers unique events for us", said Anthony Nurse, charity fundraising director for Autograph Store.

Everything we do is in support of our charity partners, but we also have this exciting celebrity angle to all our charity auctions, so it combines the two sides of what Autograph Store Charity Fundraising does. As a fan of the memorabilia side of what we do, I really love when we have an opportunity to work on a celebrity-sponsored event.

Autograph Store Charity Fundraising proudly serves more than 2,500 charities and non-profits worldwide, providing charity auction items to a wonderfully diverse group of worthy causes. In fact, last year alone, their no-risk auction items helped raise more than $2 million at silent auctions, charity fundraisers and charity benefits in all 50 states and around the world.

But the best part is they are super easy to work with and wonderfully focused on helping raise as much money as possible for the cause. To learn more about their vast selection of items and impressive charity roster, click here.

If you're wondering whether or not Cathy is the proud owner of Michael's album, alas, she was outbid by another super fan.

As Cathy tells it, the truth is I was happy to see Michael go, regardless of whom he went home with. The kids were the big winners that night, as they have been at each of Project Ladybug’s events that included charity auction items. Now I’m counting the days until Chicago's April event…

Have someone in mind whose teen soundtrack has Bieber fever? He can be all yours, just be sure to bid high!

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