I’m gonna keep this sequel short and sweet.

The 3 Testosterones are out of town. The big one is away on business and the younger ones are at SKATEBOARDING CAMP! [cue the thunder crash and evil music]

Just last week I was complaining about my husband’s shifting stance that would allow our 12 year old to attend the coveted skateboard camp even though, unlike his younger brother, he did not do what was needed to attend the camp. [WELL, THIS REALLY SUCKS]

The dude didn’t come through and, to me that meant he couldn’t go.  The Big Testosterone felt the same… (kinda)… in theory… for a moment… and then he didn’t.


And for reasons that include a Father really wanting to see his Son happy and having the boys together for their first sleep-away-camp adventure. Leniency was shown, an alternate punishment was issued, permission was granted and both boys skated into the summer adventure of their dreams.

And I’m cool with that.  I am.

I’m cool with the results of inconsistent parenting because:

  1. I didn’t give up my position on the situation (oh, please believe me when I say I made it very clear that I was not happy). So if Genesis is a messed up adult because of the way this was handled – it ain’t my fault
  2. I absolutely do feel more comfortable with the boys together hundreds miles away from home.
  3. I got the house to myself for a week



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