Post-Potter Depression (No Spoilers!)

Post-Potter Depression (No Spoilers!)
Harry Potter 3-D Glasses

I have it.


Post-Potter Depression hit hard after reading the final book, just knowing it was all over. When Harry was preparing to face Voldemort in their final battle, I had to put the book down and cry (and I am not a crier). I was at the end of the most amazing series of books I have ever read (and I read all 7 of Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' series over the 20 years it took him to complete it). Sniff.

I love these books so because JK Rowling takes you into an entirely different world. Her usage of actual roots in her made up words- like the spell "Occulous Reparum" to repair Harry's glasses, or that the Hippogriff is akin to a Griffin of myth-make it seem more real. Words like Hufflepuff, mandrake, and parselmouth become commonplace. Magical creatures, every-flavor beans, and talking art abound. Ghosts chatting together and goblins walking the halls are completely normal. It is such a wondrous and rich place to visit, you want to stay, and are sad to merely be a muggle.

My friend Keri Graham (who will be guest writing for me next week) won tickets through WGN (yay WGN!) and she took me on Tuesday to the premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (7.2)". We were like two giggling school kids we were SO excited.

We got 3-D glasses shaped like Harry's (see photo). Awesome! (if we're being candid- I dug into the glasses recycling bin & got two more pairs, as I realized I was not above doing that-plus these will forever be my 3-D glasses-go green!)

So for me, it is already over.

Pass the Prozac.

Alison, my sister-in-law, gave me the first three books as gifts. She and my mother-in-Law Joan were already huge fans and they knew I would love the books too. At first, I was curious and confused, as I didn't have kids yet and here I was getting childrens' books (not unusual for me, but still novel-ha! Pun.) I gobbled up those books and eagerly awaited the next- as I would through the end. I SO owe them! That's another reason I love this series- the shared adoration with my extended family. We ALL love Harry, read the books at the same time, compared notes, and have seen the movies together.

Speaking of the movies, my personal favorite has always been "The Prisoner of Azkaban", but this final installment beats it. You can tell everyone put their heart and soul into this movie-it's that good. I was verklempt... SO if you have never read these books or seen the moves, think about doing so. All this hype ain't for nothing.

How cool is it that we've watched these three main characters get cast as such small kids. We witnessed them grow. Learn. Refine themselves into the amazing actors they are today. They have held their own in scenes with some of England's finest actors. Plus, they are not in the tabloids for negative behavior. (OK, Dan/Harry liked drinking but he stopped himself-kudos!). It has been wonderful watching their maturation, and I will be watching what they all do next- Neville, Seamus, Ginny and Draco too (which will be so weird- seeing them play a different character!)

My sister Wendy has a movie ritual for each new release: she re-reads that book then watches all the past movies. She just finished 7.1- just in time for today's finale-did I mention how mad at me she is that I saw it already- without her?! Sorry.

It makes me so giddy to see Zoe loving Harry's world as much as I do. I told her that if she were a wizard, she would be starting to Hogwarts this fall-she loved that. Maybe I'll send her an invitation via her stuffed animal owl.

"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." Albus Dumbledore


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    SoooOOoooo true. My children, as well, have grown up with the series. We have read all the books, seen all the films, and we trekked to Universal Studios for the Wizarding World experience. We live Harry Potter each and every day. It's as if the Major 3 (HHR) are members of our own family. We feel their pain, their joys, and their sorrows. JK accomplished more than merely writing a series of thrilling books. She created a world in which we Muggles are stunned visitors. And along the way, she sneaked in "lessons" of friendship, loyalty, love, and choosing our paths in life. As my older daughter has always reminded me, there is darkness and light in each of us. It TRULY is the choices we make which makes us what we are. On one hand I am sad that the books, and now the films have come to an end. But like the 19 years preceding the Epilogue, I remind myself that Harry will continue living on in our lives. Sirius said, "The ones we truly love will never leave us." It is up to us to use the lessons, and live our lives in the light. Always look towards the future, but never forget what has passed. And if we need reminding, the books will always be there. I will simply have to wrestle them from the hands of my children. Dumbledore’s Army 4-Ever!!!

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    I grew up with Harry and the rest of them; took him with me all throughout my school years and even when I joined the military. Now, I'm 23 and without them for the first time in my life.

    The final curtain has closed and brought fond memories to an end like a poof of smoke. For many, myself included, it’s like a decade of our childhood is gone. During the final moments of the movie, when the Hogwarts Express pulled away from platform 9 ¾ and carried the next generation of young witches and wizards off on their own Hogwarts adventures; we all felt that place deep inside us where Harry and his world had lived for over a decade, ache with a hollow sadness.

    We began reading the books when we were in the fourth grade. We begged our parents to take us to see the movie. We clung to the pages of that magical world when ours were falling apart. We went to midnight book openings and movie showings, anxious and excited to delve deeper into Harry’s world. We truly did bond with these characters and they became like family. When we graduated high school and were nervous about growing up, we were comforted by the characters that we had grown up with, because they were scared too. And when the final book was released, we were a little sad, but cheered by the fact that the movies would fill that void.

    It’s every person’s dream, to live in a world like the one that J.K. Rowling has created, and to see that kind of magic…to see good triumph over evil. But today, there lingers a prevailing melancholy to an end of something truly definitive for so many people. Warner Bros. themselves may have put it best: “It all ends here.”

    I wish I could fully describe my feelings now that it’s all over. But I just can’t do it justice. I feel as if a part of me has died, yet I feel proud because I have been with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Dumbledore, Fred, George, Ginny, Remus, Sirius, McGonagall, Draco and of course Snape from the beginning, and I have seen them all grow and change…just as I have. Their story may have ended, but they will always live on. Should we ever feel the longing to remember them, all we have to do is visit them in the pages of our books, in our hearts and in our memories.

    (And we can have a Harry Potter Birthday Party Every Year with copious amounts of butterbeer and pumpkin juice…)

  • LOVE the Dumbledore quote. Love the series. Love that my kids are reading them. Thanks for writing about this subject!

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