Independence Day with a dependence

By now you know that I live far away from my family; not other side of the world far away but not a few hours by car.  So I spend most of my time off flying to them or welcoming them to Chicago. This fourth of  July, as we all celebrate the Declaration of Independence, I declare myself dependent on my family. I will spend the day in Florida with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

I was raised to be very close to my aunts and cousins, I consider them my other mothers and siblings and I can't begin to explain how important it is for me to have Amelia feel the same way. She won't, distance will make it very hard to create that strong connection, but I will try my hardest to give her the same opportunity I had, to feel extremely loved by people other than your parents.  When I'm at my cousin Vanessa's house or at my aunts'  house I literally feel at home.  I am happy, at ease, my breathing is lighter.

When I worked at Univision in New York, I traveled to Miami on business quite often. I loved it. I felt like a kid again. My uncle Jose would pick me up wherever I was just to see me. My aunt Tata cooked for me,  took me shopping and nursed plenty of my colds while  I was there. I could go to dinner with my Aunt Marilu and Uncle Gary at a moments notice.

When I was offered the job at WGN TV in Chicago, guess what my first thought was? How do I break the news to my family in Florida?  I felt as sad as when I told my Mom and Dad I was leaving Puerto Rico  to take my first job in Chicago.  I remember calling Tata and crying on the phone. I cried because I would now lose the chance to be embraced by my family every other month.  With my new job, the frequent trips to Miami would end.  Tata told  me that I had to pursue my dream and that they would always be there to support me, even from thousand of miles away.  Isn't that exactly what a mother would say?

So once a year,  I take Amelia and my very understanding husband Steve on a pilgrimage to Florida. I depend on that trip to get through the rest of the year.  Ay Mama!

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  • Hope your Fourth was great! I'm sure you truly enjoyed visiting with the family. I know what you mean about having aunts and uncles, cousins, as close-knit. I have the same with some of my family and I wouldn't have it any other way!

  • ana, no pudiste describir esa dependencia familiar de una mejor manera. yo creo que nos pasa a todos en especial a los puertorros, pues mi esposo es colombiano, y para nada extraña a su familia, pero para nosotros es distinto. yo soy igual que tu, mis tias y primas son como mis mamas y hermanas y ahora que en 3 semanas vamos para la Isla y todas las primas nos reuniremos con los hijos por 3 dias, y mis hijos podran compartir con sus primitos como yo comparti toda mi vida con los mios... no se como hare para regresar a mi "independencia" y dejar atras ese amor familiar incondicional que de alguna manera mis hijos no podran gozar todos los dias. que bueno que tu ya tienes la tradicion de hacer esas reuniones familiares todos los años, q viva la dependencia familiar! :)

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