Summer Fun

A few days ago was the first official day of summer.  I always have high expectations for my summer plans and want to squeeze in everything I can to take advantage of these "three" months of good Chicago weather.


It's funny.  Years ago before kids, my idea of summer fun was very different that it is today.  Before kids, summer fun included:


  • Summerfest
  • Taste of Chicago
  • White-water rafting
  • Day long bike excursions
  • Concerts
  • Outdoor restaurants
  • Drive-in movies
  • Tanning at the pool

Now with kids, my list of "must dos" for the summer is very different.  My summer days now consist of:   


  • Family Fun Festival
  • Splash Pad (Cooper is good with it now)
  • Mini Golf
  • Randall Oaks Zoo
  • Parades
  • Parks
  • Early morning (6am) walks

It's funny how my definition of 'summer fun' has changed.  So since summer has officially started, I better get going on my summer fun plans for 2011.  And maybe I can sneak in a few of my old favorites. 


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  • Ha! You are so right! It certainly all does change, doesn't it? Cute entry!

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Thank you for the comment. It still is fun...just a different kind of fun.

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