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Commercial will stop parents from texting and driving

I signed the Oprah pledge but I still do it. I text on a red light. I read my texts while on the highway and to add insult to injury, if I’m stuck in traffic, I’ll check Twitter and Facebook.  But yesterday I saw something that smacked me in the face.  Click here to see... Read more »

It's a Small World After All: Encourage Your Kids to Make Friends Across Cultures

Guest blogger Paola Pascual-Ferra studies, teaches and does research on Human Communication. She lives in Miami, FL and loves spending time with children. She is grateful to Nina and Ana for the opportunity to be a guest contributor for Ay Mama! The first time I traveled to Disneyland, I was a young and highly impressionable... Read more »


I come from a line of and am surrounded by great Dads. As a black woman in America, I think I’m supposed to have a different story (smirk).  I’m talking about my GrandFathers, Father, StepDad, Brother, Uncles, Great Uncles, Cousins… from those who share the bloodline to those who were jumped married in, the men in... Read more »


That is what I heard from family and friends when I told them we bought Cooper a kid’s drums set for his 3rd birthday.  He loved them…totally worth it.    His love of drums all started with the Imagination Movers TV show.  Cooper loves their music and his favorite ‘Mover’ is Mover Rich who plays... Read more »


Around four months ago my parents started to organize a surprise birthday party for my little sister, Malen.  I couldn’t believe Malen was turning twenty-one.  Being almost fourteen years older than her, seeing her go from baby to toddler, from kid to teenager and now from teenager to a legal adult…Wow, my little sister was now... Read more »

Thelma & Louise Go To A Wedding

That’s what my Uncle Charlie dubbed my sister & I when he learned we were driving-without our kids- to my cousin Megan’s wedding in Lexington, KY. I immediately demanded to be the one who got Brad Pitt, oh and that we not die at the end… The first 3 hours were pretty mundane with us... Read more »

Who's On My Watch?

Dr. Nachman was an expert in many things, including tooth removal. Here he's extracting Coleson's loose tooth while he's still sedated after his spinal tap.
My Previous Blog > “I’m Proud To Be An American“ Sunday night I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize; it turned out to be Atia’s pediatric oncologist, Dr. Rubin. It was strange because he has never called me on the weekend unless responding to an emergency page from the hospital’s after-hours answering... Read more »

Terrible two's, horrible three's. Who knew?

“Wait until you see her. You will have so much fun with her.”   And with that I jinxed my parents visit with their youngest grandchild. The first two days, Amelia was thrilled to see her Abu and Lolo who had traveled thousands of miles to spend ten days with her.  They have seen her... Read more »

Enjoy Every Moment

I spent the evening working the Ray Elementary School “We’ve Got Talent” Show, proud that my 3 Testosterones were donating and learning skills. Dad tutored our sons on running camera… From there I went straight to the Bootsy Collins concert, giddy that I could go from PTA to P-FUNK and not miss a beat. I... Read more »

No Water This Summer

Every summer, we have some type of water feature at our house as a means of ‘cooling off’.  Whether it was sprinklers, a ‘slip n slide’ or our small kid pool, we had something to help make a 90 degree day more bearable.  That is until this summer…   This summer, both Cooper and Cole... Read more »