Our First Movie Adventure: CARS 2

The boys have never been to the movies at a theater before.  Every Saturday night, we have movie night at our house and take turns picking the movie. We make popcorn and pile on the couch together to enjoy the show. 


When we first started this tradition a year ago, Cooper would always select CARS as his movie night pick.  Now he has moved onto other movies, thank goodness as I can recite most of that movie.  However, now that Cole is old enough to choose a movie his movie of choice is of course...CARS. 


So when we heard that CARS 2 was coming out, everyone was so excited to see it.  There was one problem though as Cooper freaks out at any show or performance.  Things like the Dolphin Show at the Shedd Aquarium or a performance at Disney World will make Cooper run for the hills.  So I asked him if he wanted to go see CARS 2 and he said he did.  As a result, I started my efforts to talk up the great things about going to the movie theater.  Things like the huge screen, comfy seats, candy and yummy popcorn.


So based on my sales-pitch, Cooper was ready to see CARS 2, as long as he could bring his headphones.  I was not too worried about Cole as he enjoys going to see shows and loves all of the CARS characters. 


So we got to the theater early and went to go find our seats.  As Cooper walked in, he stopped and said, "WOW" as he saw the huge screen.  As we sat waiting for the movie, Cole got a bit anxious and kept asking to leave.  He said, "No TV. I don't want to watch TV".  I tried to keep him distracted until the show started.  I knew once he saw Lightening McQueen, everything would be fine.


We bought the kids popcorn and candy and hoped we bought enough.  But neither one of them ate anything.  Once the movie started, both boys were fixated.  It was an amazing experience for them...they loved every minute of it.  Cooper did keep his headphones on the entire time, but that's ok.


After the movie was over, Cooper asked when he could come back again.  On the way home, both boys started eating popcorn like crazy.  I asked Cooper why he did not eat any during the movie and he told me it was because "he was focused". 


Cooper is asking to go to the movies again on July 4.  I asked him why that day and he told me it was because then he could miss all of the fireworks.  Smart kid!

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