Oooh, it's that time of year again. The end of the
(traditional) school year: A time when children rejoice, teachers exhale and
parents... I don't know - what do parents do when the familiar routine of the
back and forth and homework and evaluations (of your student or you as a
parent?), and explanations and exact change for lunch monies and afterschool
interventions, and last-minute projects ("The next one you're doing by
yourself, no matter what!") and clean(ish) clothes 5 days a week for
testosterones who like to sweat but hate to bathe and a lot more TV babysitting
than you said you'd ever allow during
the school week and hot breakfasts when there's a chill in the air even when
they only want cold cereal because that's how you were raised (Thank You, Mom!)
and daily fights on those cold days because your testosterones swear they don't
need a coat and finally you remember the thing about natural consequences being the best
teacher and you pick them up a few minutes later than usual just to prove your
point (*not that I would ever do anything like that) and when the warm/hot
weather kicks in they tell you they don't wear shorts anymore and now they
want to wear corduroys every day and you decide to pick them up a few minutes later
than usual just to prove your point (grin) and your reconnaissance mission for summer camps turns up over-priced yet underwhelming options (and you still have to pack lunches)...comes to a halt?

Yeah, it's that time of year again. The beginning of the
(traditional) summer vacation: A time when children rejoice, teachers become
regular humans and parents??? We wonder how we'll survive until the superheroes
return to the classroom and retrain our sun-zapped, beach- bummed, brain-drained, grandparent-indulged, scholastically-feral kids.

Or is that just me?


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  • Ha! Hysterical and so true! Thanks for the fun entry! we permitting! Lately, everyday seems like another great fall day in Chicago!

  • You hit it right on the head, Anita! But as we know with Chicago weather ... this too shall pass. Have a great week!

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