I come from a line of and am surrounded by great Dads. As a black woman in America, I think I'm supposed to have a different story (smirk). 

I'm talking about my GrandFathers, Father, StepDad, Brother, Uncles, Great Uncles, Cousins... from those who share the bloodline to those who were jumped married in, the men in my family take great pride in Daddying the children they Father. 
They didn't let fear, distance, pettiness or even women get in the way of their active love for the boys and girls who were to grow under their care.
I say that to say - it's not a real surprise that I married a man who is a great Dad. It's what I saw, it's what I experienced and yeah, it's what I expected. 
OK, what I didn't expect is to live with 3 Testosterones. And while I'm often frustrated, challenged and exhausted by this unique perspective, I am supremely thankful for the view:

Whether it's memories, current moments or hopeful expectations... enjoy everything the great Daddies bring to your life. We need 'em. Ay, Mama! We need 'em. 

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  • Fantastic! Loved the photo montage! Great!

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