Embracing Your Figure

Last week after my cycling class, I decided to do some weight training for my arms.  Since I do so much cardiovascular work, sometimes it is difficult to find time for weights, but I try to lift at least three times a week to get some muscle tone.  

There I was, listening to Marc Anthony, who was in my New York playlist; a class dedicated to my friend Betty, who recently moved to the Big Apple.  All songs were about New York, people that made it in New York, songs from New Yorkers or songs from Nuyoricans.  I was really enjoying my workout when all of a sudden I hear...You really need to make a muscle when you lift!  Yep, some unsolicited advice from a random guy that takes my cycling class.  Oh, thanks, I'll try that! And I continued with my workout when I got interrupted again by the same person, but this time he wanted to have a conversation.  How many hours of cardio per week do you do?  He curiously asked me. I took off my earphones, smiled at him and said One hour every day, except for Sundays, that is my day off.  As I was getting ready to turn on my ipod again he said to me, and I quote, For the amount of cardio that you do every week, you should look way leaner unless you eat like me, McDonald's every day. 

(uncomfortable moment of silence)

Who the f**k do you think you are, go to hell you a**hole!!  Is exactly what I should have said to him followed by a punch in his face, but instead I just smiled and said Thank you for your input.  No, I don't eat McDonald's every day, women have different body types.  I turned on my ipod and finished my workout.
Within a few minutes I went straight to the locker room. I must admit that I also cried a bit after the incident, since that guy truly hurt my feelings.  I couldn't help but to think, thank God I am not that man's daughter or wife. Thank God I am surrounded by amazing men such as my husband and my Father who will embrace their daughters and their wives to the fullest.  
As I was walking out I saw the guy again and he said...I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable, Nina.  This time, instead of calling him you f***ing a**hole!!! I just said, You know what?  Yes, you did.  You don't say those things to any woman.  Unless you have something positive to say, just mind your own business.  I truly hope you don't say the things that you said to me to your daughter or your wife.  Because of people like you a lot of women suffer from eating disorders, be careful and mindful about the things that you say.  He obviously apologized to me and walked away.
As a woman, a mother and a daughter we have to embrace our figures to the fullest and teach our daughters to embrace their curves, embrace their butts, embrace their arms, embrace their stomachs, embrace their entire bodies.  Let's teach them to exercise because it is healthy and because it is fun plus, to have a healthy body is part of having a healthy lifestyle, McFlurry included.  Ay Mama! 
For today's recipe a fun and decadent Summer treat to enjoy with the kids, s'mores.  Enjoy!
-1 large marshmallow
-1 graham cracker
-1  (1.5 oz) chocolate candy bar
Heat the marshmallow over an open flame until it begins to brown and melt.
Break the graham cracker in half. Sandwich the chocolate between the cracker and the hot marshmallow. Allow the marshmallow to cool a moment before eating.  Buen provecho!               


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  • Excellent post! And good for you for telling him he was wrong. People are so eager to offer unsolicited advice, despite knowing anything about the person. (I love the fact that you added the S'mores recipe.) I try to turn around and build someone up after an encounter like this as it makes me feel as if I have countered the rudeness in the world. :)

  • In reply to erago:

    Thank you, Elizabeth!

  • In reply to erago:

    I want to say that letting an insensitive stranger make you cry is a bad thing but realize it is a testiment to your sensitivity and so is to be admired. I'd say the best thing to do is assume anything a dolt like him says is wrong, so you must be perfect :)

  • In reply to MisterEddie:

    Hahaha, I am far from being perfect, but thank you! No, he really hurt my feelings, I am a sensitive woman after all :) Thanks for reading, Mr Ed!

  • In reply to MisterEddie:

    He should be punished for his insolence.

  • In reply to JelfHughes:

    I think he learned his lesson. Thanks for reading, Darth ;)

  • In reply to MisterEddie:

    Kudos to you for your politeness. I think I may have called him the f***ing a**hole! Geez, what a clown!

  • In reply to siblingless:

    Trust me, I was about lose my politeness! Thanks for reading!

  • In reply to siblingless:

    Nina, I am just in shock! Shocked that someone would actually say those words to anyone - let alone you! I am very impressed with how you handled it. I think it's so important for people to realize when their comments are hurtful, and hopefully he will keep his thoughts on all things diet/exercise to himself in the future. :-)

  • In reply to hschenher:

    Thank God we don't have men like that in our lives! Thanks for reading, Holly!

  • In reply to hschenher:

    Real men love curves. Locker room man is probable still single for obvious reasons.

  • In reply to MySportsComplex:

    Thanks Andy!

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