Commercial will stop parents from texting and driving

I signed the Oprah pledge but I still do it. I text on a red light. I read my texts while on the highway and to add insult to injury, if I'm stuck in traffic, I'll check Twitter and Facebook. 

But yesterday I saw something that smacked me in the face. 
As a super careful (i.e. overprotective) mother of one, this commercial shamed me beyond belief. The habit will be hard to break. I'm driving to and from Naperville first thing in the morning for work. I know I'll be tempted while sitting in traffic on 290 but my phone & my Blackberry will be in my purse which will be in the back seat.  I'll let you know how it goes. Ay Mama!


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  • I have to say that I am glad that you feel that way! I am amazed at the number of people that I see everyday on the road. Good Lord!!!
    I have a kid just about to drive and I try to set an example every day. What would life be like if you were responsible for someone's death?
    I have another kid in a booster seat and I swear if some asshole was to cause me to get in an accident with my child in the car and I was able to get out alive I would beat the living shit out of that person!!!

    Seriously is your stupid ass Facebook bullshit and Twitter shit worth killing your kid or someone else?

    What if that stupid ass woman in the video ran over a child riding his bike or didn't see someone crossing the street. Actually too bad her kid was in the car because she was the dumbass who got hit right?

    What a bunch of self absorbed assholes! Really?! FB, Twit ?!?!

    Haven't there been enough PSA's around for us, especially the adults to smarten up!

    have you seen this?
    PSA Texting while Driving, Gwent, U.K., August 2009, Peter Watkins-Hughes, Newport School, Wales

  • Wow. Well all I can say is, any kind of anything, even changing a radio station can cause a fatal accident. Fortunately, since I have an old school cell, I can't text while driving, but still, I try to be aware of anything else I do that could make me lose even one second of attention. Thanks for the post.

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