Atia's Celebration of Life Party

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19 more days of chemotherapy treatment - Incredible
2 more doses of Methotrexate - Exhilarating
1 more spinal tap with chemo while sedated - Relieving
July 10th, the end of treatment - GLORIOUS!
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After over two years of fighting cancer, a battle unexpectedly thrust upon us, Atia is nearing the conclusion of her treatment. Yep! Atia is almost done with chemo.

She survived.

Back when she was initially diagnosed, we weren't convinced that she would. You may remember reading about how terrified we were; on several occasions we had asked ourselves some unthinkable questions like, Would we lose our daughter? 

But now, we're here. At this very moment. Mere weeks before it's all over. We're elated!

Atia still has a few more weeks of chemo, including a spinal tap - the most difficult of all treatments for her. So, it's not over yet, but we're so close we can taste it!

In honor of this monumental milestone, we're celebrating!

Atia's life is incredibly precious to us and it's the best gift we could have received. Knowing how things can change in an instant - and living through the consequences of a life-threatening diagnosis where smiles and laughter were hard to come by - we have learned to cherish every day, every moment, every smile, every giggle.

We know how blessed we are and we want to pay our thanks and praise forward to help other families of children battling cancer get the chance to celebrate their children's lives.

So, we've enlisted the help of Project Ladybug to create a child-focused fundraiser, sure to incite endless laughter and unabashed joy. And nothing feels better than having fun while doing good. All money raised will benefit children undergoing cancer treatment at Comer Children's Hospital | The University of Chicago.

Please Join Us For:

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What: Atia's Celebration of Life

When: July 17, 2011 from 12:00 (noon) to 3:00pm

Where: Chateau Ritz in Niles, IL

Ticket Price: $10 Kids, $15 Adults & Kids Under 2 y/o FREE

Buy Tickets HERE*

Description: A magical, Candyland-themed fundraiser complete with a life-sized Candyland game inviting parents and children to step into the fantasy and become part of the game. Entertainment provided by Wiggleworms' teacher, Lindsay Weinberg, Mark Nichols from The Puppet Place, children from Shim's Tae Kwon Do and music from Tone Productions. Tons of food, games and prizes. All proceeds will directly benefit children battling cancer at Comer Children's Hospital.

Shhh... there will even be surprise appearances by Cinderella, Prince Charming and Snow White.

It's going to be spectacular!

As John, my friend and fellow volunteer said, "Please join us for a great event because everyday is a celebration of life, and children should NEVER have to spend their childhoods in and out of hospitals."

Thank you for being such loyal readers week after week and for following our journey over the last year (and you know I still have so much of our story to tell). You've sent me such wonderful comments and words of encouragement. You've shared my sorrows and fears during the hard times, it's only right that you share my happiness during the victories. I hope to meet you at the event! If you come, please make sure you come up and say hello.

LIKE Atia's Project Ladybug Fund on Facebook.

*Only 250 tickets available.

Full Disclosure: I'm both Atia's mom and the Director of Atia's Project Ladybug Fund, Project Ladybug's Chicago chapter.

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  • I'm all choked up over here. YAY ATIA! Fight, fight, fight!

  • In reply to VelvetJinxx:

    I've been doing a happy dance for the last month, now. We're proceeding with caution, but doing it with smiles. Thanks for reading and for your cheers. We couldn't have gotten through without the support from others, like you. Hope you can come to the celebration and help us spread the word. Even it folks don't know Atia, the event will be amazing and super fun for the entire family.

  • In reply to Laura Lutarewych:

    I would absolutely love to and I'm sure it will be a blast. July 17th must be a big day for fundraisers because we have another one to attend. (Kinda gotta be there, I'm on the board :)

    Atia is adorable!

  • In reply to VelvetJinxx:

    Thanks! She's been through a lot, but still maintains this incredibly innocent spirit. It's really heartwarming. Yay! for fundraisers. What board are you on?

  • In reply to VelvetJinxx:

    ^this is what courage looks like. Good luck with everything.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I agree. She's one courageous little girl and she doesn't even know it. Thank you for your kind words!

  • Yippee!!!! Almost done! That is fantastic and a GREAT relief! We would definitely come, such a big celebration and it's been awhile since we've seen Atia, but we will be in camp that Sunday. However, is there still a way we could donate? With only 250 tickets available, we'd like to save those for others who could make it and just make a straight donation.

  • In reply to anitarudite:


    We will miss you, but completely understand. Thank you so much for your inquiry about donating. There are a few ways: (1) You can do it through the ticket website link in the blog, (2) or directly through paypal: (3) Or, you could mail a check to Project Ladybug PO BOX 221209, Chicago, IL 60622

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