An F1 Tornado in Mt Prospect

It's odd, because as I sit typing this, I know that 1/2 my town is without power. We're on the news. Helicopters buzz. Neighbors are interviewed (but this time, it's not for American Idol). Com Ed crews and tree service guys flank the streets. The lead story on Chicago news: "It's official: Mt Prospect was hit by a tornado Tuesday night".

In 2007, we were hit by a 'micro burst' on the first day of school. We lost SO many trees and branches that day, but the village was finally starting to look again like the "Tree City USA" that we've been dubbed.
Until Tuesday. 
It was sudden.
There were no sirens. 
One big wind, and SNAP. A large tree branch was down in our back yard and I told the kids to go downstairs (while I manned the weather radio; watching). That was it, other than lots of rain, but even that passed quickly. 
We lost trees. We lost power. Cars and houses suffered damage. We don't look like Joplin, MO, as our houses still stand. According to the news, there were no reports of major injuries. No deaths.  We were very, very lucky.
Here are photos from me just driving around town. This scene played out on nearly every street here. Crazy.
For amazing video- and a map of the tornado's path- click here.


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  • My sister and her family were caught in a tornado in Michigan over Memorial Day. I don't know whether it was F1 or F2, but they were hunkering down in the bathroom's bathtub while winds roared and knocked out windows, etc. Very scary! You got some neat pix!

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