To Pass Out OR Not To Pass Out?

Weird title right?  Let me explain...


So our bedtime routine for the boys every night is for Ken and me to pair off with one of them.  We read four books, sing some songs and lie down with them. 


It is a great routine that we all love.  The problem here is that both Ken and I wind up passing out in their beds.  We try to stay awake but inevitably we fall asleep with them. 


I usually wind up waking up around 11:30pm, go find Ken, wake him and we both stumble into bed.  Now there are a few problems with this scenario...


  1. We lose the few hours at night we have to get stuff done.
  2. The boys have become accustom to us being there to go to sleep.


The one great thing about this scenario is that Ken and I get snuggle time with Cooper and Cole.  We love that time and realize how precious that time is and how quickly it will go. 


I guess we are trying to take in as much time with the boys as we can, even if that time is when they (we) are asleep.  That could be our reasoning, or it could be that we are so exhausted that we are just passing out.    


So what do you think?  Is it OK that we pass out with the boys every night?  Any suggestions on how to break this routine, or should we?  



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  • Well, don't know if I am the best person to give this advice, as I still do the same with our youngest, Evija. Plus, oftentimes, Evija still snuggles with us. My pediatrician would be quite disappointed in me if I told him the truth on that one. :) I know we are not supposed to do that; however, I'm in your camp...the time is short and I enjoy the snuggle time, until Evija kicks me in the back at 2 am. :)

    Back to time is in point: My oldest daughter, Lilija, is now 8 years-old. She no longer requires me to read to her in bed, nor does she make her way to our bed anymore to sleep. She prefers her bed, alone, with a book. So, Evija is 4. Lilija stopped wanting to come into our bed at about age 6. I figure therein may lie your answer. :)

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    Let's worry more about what this is doing to you and Ken. You need to remember that when the kids grow up & leave the house, you will only have each other again. If you both pass out with the boys, make a point to get a night for yourselves once a week. A date night once a month. I know we have to put the kids first but you don't want to grow apart from your husband. The boys will really appreciate that too.

    Those are my 2 cents because I love you BFL.

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    I'm so happy to see that I am not the only one with this "issue", we also do the same thing with our kids. I go with my little one, my husband with my daughter... the issue is that I pray with them, sing them a song and I think I am sleep first than them, I also wake up at midnight from the rocking chair (not their beds) with a pain in the neck but a power nap, which means sometimes I'm still up until 1am...
    Ana has a point... but to me it more that I am so tired by the time I put them to sleep that I actually look forward to those minutes or hours of just relaxing with them until they are sound sleep or I wake up! :) Maybe try to seat by their beds instead of laying down with them, it is harded to fall asleep seating... however, for me, not a problem!
    Good luck.

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    Thank you all for your ideas and thoughts!

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