Our Atlantis Wish Trip: Part 2

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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it 

--William Arthur Ward

Thumbnail image for IMG_3324.JPGWe are still basking in the glow of our Make-A-Wish trip. It was a six day, five night stay at The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Our sincerest thank to the Make-A-Wish of Illinois Foundation for providing us such a phenomenal opportunity.

Thumbnail image for IMG_3353.JPGAs I mentioned last week, we got upgraded to a swanky suite and had an amazing view; we took full advantage of the beach and swimming pools. Every day was packed to the brim with fun activities from pottery to feeding baby stingrays during the Aqua Tots Adventure to a VIP tour of the fish hospital to mommy and daddy taking a little "us" time to play at the resort sans kids. Yes, we indulged in the onsite babysitting service; it was such a luxury to have a little time to ourselves. 

That's what's unique and wonderful about The Atlantis, it's great for family time AND adult time. You get the best of both worlds!

 A super cute moment in our trip was when Atia made an Atlantis Pal (the same thing as a Build-A-Bear) and had to promise under oath to care for the panda bear she named, Ladybug. This too is included in the video. 

IMG_3293.JPGA MUST see at The Atlantis is The Dig, an underwater exhibit recreating the lost city of Atlantis. It includes tons of sea life and fictitious artifacts. It's incredibly impressive and it captured both Atia's and Asher's attention. Since it was in our hotel, we were able to visit it several times throughout our stay.

One night after dinner, we happened to be walking along the pier where HUGE yachts are docked and we saw a large group of people gathered around. Someone walking near us said, "Did you hear that Rod Stuart is performing on that boat?" What? Rod Stuart? Seriously? So, we went to investigate and sure enough... it was him. What a riot! A snipit is included in the video below.

Steve's favorite dinners were at The Point Restaurant, which hosted spectacular views of the sunset. It was a great, little remote place where few people chose to eat because you had to take a shuttle there.

Thumbnail image for IMG_3768.JPGThe entire week we were unplugged - no computers, no cell phone, no internet - and that was one of my favorite parts. We were completely focused on our own little family without any outside interruptions.

 I took over 700 pictures while there in hopes of capturing as much of the experience as possible. I wanted Atia to remember everything, but at a mere three years old the reality is that she may not. But, I know the thrill will live on in the images and stories she's sure to hear for years to come. 

If you go to The Atlantis, and I hope you do, here are a few things you don't want to miss: 

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