Best Mother's Day Gift

"What would you like for Mother's Day?"

"I would like for them to leave me alone." 
That was the answer from mother of two (full time employee and wife)  and one of my best friends when I asked the traditional question. I was shocked; how could she want to be away from the two little girls that made her a Mom? I didn't have a child at the time. Hindsight is 20/20 my friends.
After three years celebrating Mother's Day, I can understand why my girlfriend wanted time alone. The last 2 Mother's Days, I've celebrated with my husband and daughter. My plan was that Steve was going to take care of everything related to our girl, so I could sit down and relax.  He would wake up with her, give her all her meals, change all her diapers, in other words, tend to all her needs.  But alas, I quickly realized Mothers do not get a day off.  If we are anywhere with our children, we can't sit and watch.  Our kids expect us to meet their needs and we posses some female hormone that makes us jump at every request.  My husband did his best, he is a great partner in parenting, but if I am around, my daughter wants her Mom. 
So this year, before buying her perfume, the ill fitting top or the kitchen appliance that will insult her; before taking her to brunch where she has to make sure the kids don't spill every thing in sight; before suggesting to come over so she has to cook her own celebratory meal, LEAVE MOM ALONE. Not all day, we want to be with our children, after all, they are the reason we can celebrate the day, but for a couple of hours. Like my friend and comedian Patti Vasquez says,  too much time away from our child and we start feeling like we've lost a limb.   
If you have little children, take the kids out of the house or send Mom somewhere by herself. If she happens to meet other mommy friends with no children around at a local bar, I mean Starbucks,  even better. Ay Mama! 


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  • I completely agree!!! After celebrating 2 years with my mom and sister, we decided that we three, as moms, should choose something really more personal, like quiet time in our own homes, preferably in our own beds, with breakfast served! That is what we do now and it is fantastic! After all, as my mom said, my sister and I now are also moms and perhaps we wish to do something completely different on our Mother's Days now, instead of running around or cooking and entertaining. So, it makes sense!

  • So true Ana, if anyone deserves some time to theirselves it's ALL our moms!!

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