A voice of Asperger's

It all started when she saw my story on the Red Kite Project, a program from the Chicago Children's Theater for children in the autism spectrum.

Monica wrote this on my facebook page:

"I've seen it this morning . As for me an adult with Aspergers (HFA) it was a great thing to watch. It's great watching the things that are done for people with autism. Back then when I was a child there wasn't many options or resources for autism. And now that has changed for the better."

I wanted to learn more about Monica Cruz. Then she wrote again when I posted something during Autism Awareness Month:

 "I thinks it's very important that there's an awareness for autism. Especially for the kids getting an early diagnoses! I didn't get an early diagnoses because back in the 80's it wasn't put out there and not enough known or resources. Trust me it's very hard as an adult with Asperger's (HFA) I wish I had the help when I was younger so I could function better on the adult level. I'm an adult/kids I'd say but highly intelligent . I wish I could do more for autism awareness, I want people to know more about autism so they know how to handle someone with autism in a better way! I know there's a lot of patience needed. It's not easy to know a mind like that. It's even hard for me to think calmly at times or feel some type of an emotional feeling. I know I'm proud of who I am regardless the judgements or ridicule I get."

Asperger's is a topic that hits close to home. You may remember my cousin Susie's entry Autism and The Amazing Race about how her family (our family) deals with her son's Asperger's diagnosis. Reading Monica's comments gave me a glimpse into what adulthood could have meant for our young cousin if he hadn't been born in this day and age.
On May 21st, Monica (and our cousin) will participate in the Walk Now For Autism Speaks at Chicago's Soldier Field.  I asked her to share with Ay Mama! why she decided to be a part of the walk.  Keep in mind that because of her Asperger's syndrome, she is not comfortable in big crowds and around loud noises. This is what Monica sent me via email: 

"I wanted to help out because I know what it feels like not to have a support system or enough resouces to help have a better life. I wanted to walk and pass the finish line make that a goal because I'm uncomfortable being around a lot of people and if I pass the finish line that means I can do it and try to not be soo overwhelmed in environments with a lot of people. I will have my headphones on that they to block some noise out... I just want to pass the finish line."

 If you want to learn more, donate and or participate Click on Walk Now for Autism Speaks Chicago.



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  • Wow. Very emotional entry. I know I didn't know much about autism, until I watched Temple Grandin, with Claire Danes. Fantastic insight into the autistic world. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1278469/

    Walk Now for Autism sounds great. I will have to look into it more. Thanks for the entry.

  • Monica - Thanks for sharing this and being so open. I hope you enjoy the walk. Although there are many people, it's a big open area and spread out...and everyone there understands. They either have autism or are there supporting someone who does. I have heard there is a quiet area/tent, but I didn't see it last year. I'm impressed with your willingness to do this despite the crowds. I hope you find some resources..there should be some for you. Sorry there was support for you when you were younger. :( See you at the finish line!!!! Ana- thanks for spreading the awareness! every little bit helps mami!xo-s

  • oops--i mean was NOT support.

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