A Lost Girl

Last week I saw a little girl in front of my house, the poor thing was lost and she had no idea how to find her way back home.  The girl was around five or six years old and from Middle Eastern descend.  It's OK, I will not leave you until we find your house, don't you worry about a thing.  Enrico and the kids were following me in the car while I walked with the lost girl.  I obviously didn't want to give her a ride since I was, after all, a stranger to the girl.  For some reason she felt less panicky and safer around me.  

You know, my kids are asleep in the car.  We will walk and walk until we find your parents or your home.  No need to cry, I will be here until we get there.  She stopped crying, held my hand and told me her name, age and that she was now a first grader.  Do you happen to know your address?  I asked after the first couple of minutes.  To my surprise the little girl knew her address but I had no idea how to get to her house when all of a sudden...I recognize this street, it is this way!  I can continue on my own from here.  As a Mother myself, there was no way I was going to let her continue walking to her house alone, I was determined to get to her house and talk to her parents to be 100% sure that the little girl was safe.
After a good twenty minutes of walking, the girl recognized her house. I knocked on the door several times but no one answered.  Are you sure this is your home?  I asked.  Yes!  This is my house and I am going to go get my Mommy.   Since the door was unlocked, the girl went in and came back within two minutes.  Sorry, my Mom is on the phone and she can't come to the door right now.  I was in shock, but since the parents did not want to talk to me, I just left.  As I was leaving her front door, another girl came running my way.  I lost my sister!  She cried.  Don't worry, she is inside.  Please let your Mother know.  At least I knew for sure that the girl was safe and sound.
I thought about the times I got lost when I was a little kid or when I actually lost my sister, Lisa, who was missing for what seemed to me like an eternity. Now that I am a Mother, I can't imagine not knowing where my kids are for one minute.   I understand it is impossible to have absolute control at all times, since kids go to preschool, Summer camps, etc. But last week's incident was a huge eye opener for me...I have to teach both Lucia and Joaquin their address and my cell phone number...This was the one thought on my mind for days after the incident.
I truly hope my kids never get lost, not even in my neighborhood like the little girl from last week did, but since we can't control every situation, at least let's all be proactive about it and make it a point to teach our children our addresses and phone numbers.  Let's help keep our kids safe!

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  • De madre la madre!

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    Tu sabes que por que lo pienso, a lo mejor la madre de la chiquita ni cuenta se dio o penso que, como estaba con la hermana, estaria bien. De todas formas, terrible, no?

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    I totally agree with you! How scary!

  • In reply to eduardo138:

    Nina- you are the best! We miss you!! Abrazos, Pao

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    Gracias Pao! Besos y abrazos!

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