Spring Break 2011 for the boys, Genesis (12) and Noah (9). We've
known this week was coming since... at least September 2010.  And while we never planned to fulfill Noah's travel plans:

NOAH: "Mom, I think we should go to Asia for Spring Break" 

ME: "Little boy, what kind of life do you think we're living?"


*After I rolled my eyes, I made it a 'teachable moment'. We got
online and looked up airline tickets from Chicago to Korea,
China & Japan. Noah became clear that we would not be flying overseas anytime soon.

We were very ready to visit my Dad in Cincinnati for the week. Then
I became clear the paycheck gods were not working with us. [aah, the life of free-lancers] And with gas
prices being what they are, Joe and I decided, at the last minute, not to go out of
town. Some would say we were having a

staycation is a popular term used these days - defined at
"A vacation
that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have
to offer."


[pause some more]

Yeah...No.  No
Staycationers here. Each one of the 5 heartbeats (there's a dog) in this house
needed a road trip. My Dad's place is like an airport departures lane: DROP &
GO. We all know when we visit that he takes over the boys and the Mommy & Daddy are free to do what
we want to do. We all learned that a long time ago and we don't fight it
anymore. (Can you believe we once did?!) In fact, when it comes time to make that 5.5 hour trip, each and every one of us NEEDS the break. But
we like eating and feel obliged to pay bills on time - so in Chicago we stayed.

And this is a great city! With skateboard parks and a beautiful
lakefront and other free-ish stuff to do. We were all ready to chill out in Ohio - but we'll be fine. 
We'll get fresh air and kick it around town. 


Instead of Spring Break,
as my friend, Assata, posted on her fb
, Chicago gave us Winter Break.  

What?! We don't have anything planned AND they can't go outside?


              "Yes! You can play video games in the living
room - until Sunday later. Great idea!" 

[DOn't judge

It's either that or take bets on
when they're going to bust through the floor and/or my eardrum [hmm... could be a $ making venture]   

For the record, we did
do other stuff: We made egg rolls, had a dance party, ran around the city when
it stopped raining for more than 2 hours, enjoyed the YMCA pool, and just hung out.    

Yeah, it was a broke Spring Break, but we made it work. 

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