Old School Rules

"Why are you standing up with toilet paper sticking out of
your butt? That's nasty dude."

And so begins our family movie night. Hey, it is what it
is.  I live with The 3
Testosterones. If a body part or
emission doesn't enter the conversation at regular intervals...well that'll
never happen.


FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT - the in-house version is a time for
air-popped popcorn (Genesis, 12, gets the butter to ratio just right), couch
closeness and agreed upon viewing (kinda)

This time, it's the parents' (my) choice: 

Thumbnail image for krush-groove-movie-poster.jpg

I enjoy Krush Groove SO MUCH. It came out during my freshman
year in college (DON'T do the math). I was as into RunDMC as I
was into Sheila E (Prince).  And
while I didn't understand if adding Sheila E (the "Love Bizarre" era Sheila E!)
to the based-on-the-true-story-of-the-early days-of-hip hop flick was really
credible - I had a bigger problem with Blair Underwood playing lead role. My
feelings about his corny acting made me mutter every time I saw him on the
screen in this and any other movie since! He was SO UNBELIEVABLE!!! I will
never forgive him for messing up this Hip Hop Classic.

But I digress.

I forgot we had this DVD and now reliving and sharing the
movie with my next generation? I was pretty pleased. My next generation? Not so

"When was this movie
made?" "What is it about?" "Why'd you guys pick this?" "What is this
?" "Have you actually watched this before?" "Is this OLD SCHOOL?" *and
we're less than 1 minute into the opening credits.


The boys jump off the couch and for a brief shining moment
there's a united family moment - dancing and rhyming: "TO BURN MY KINGDOM YOU

Yeah, the boys know all about RunDMC & JMJ. Not only do
I often blast the group's music and wow Genesis and Noah (9) with my verbal
skills (ha!), I also use RunDMC's partnered wordplay as a show of teamwork. 

So we now have their attention. And the movie has enough
performances and silliness to keep it. Krush Groove has it all, intrigue,
romance (the boys peeked through their fingers during the kissing scene). It
deals with body acceptance issues (the Fat Boys weren't always the Fat Boys),
there's ¼ pounder LL Cool J doing some kind of spastic mermaid tail jig, New
Edition sounding like Alvin & The Chipmunks on Auto-Tune and the beautiful
overarching theme: Brotherly Conflict Love

And apparently that theme wasn't lost on my youngest.  There's a point in the movie, after the fights and perceived
betrayals when "Russell" apologizes for treating his younger brother, "Run", like
his little brother" and after a goofy
smile "Run" tells "Russell" "Wait. I AM your little brother" - to which Noah
sighed, "Oh Man! Now I have to say that." Surprisingly
Gen didn't mock his brother's pain... he just smiled to himself.

And while I could've been satisfied with that simple
recognition that harmony is better. I must admit the icing on the cake was Gen's
reluctant admission,   "Man! Every time I end up watching a
movie you pick that I really don't
want to watch I end up really liking

Old School rules, indeed.


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  • I remember this!!! I forgot about this flick! Now I want to get it and watch it again. My 8-year-old is in hip-hop/jazz. She's been in it for awhile and loves it. What is this film rated? Could Lilija watch it?

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Great question Anita... I should have added that info. It has an R rating... but I think these days it would be PG-13.
    There are 2 scenes that under teens shouldn't see: After Russell gets beat up he seeks solace at Sheila E's apartment. There's arm and back kissing - very suggestive. Then right after that scene Run drops an F-bomb when he learns that his brother and Sheila have been intimate. Thankfully there is ample lead time to hit the FF on the remote.
    But I say enjoy the DVD once Lilija goes to bed... It'll be a blast from the past and then you can decide if and when to share it.

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Thanks! I will definitely take your advice. I can't wait to watch this film again! It's been too long!

    Yesterday, I got the girls jammin' old school and 80s in the car. For some reason, yesterday was the day for old tunes on the radio. They were everywhere. We heard Michael Jackson's, "Pretty Young Thing;" Bowie/Queen's "Under Pressure;" The Go-Go's, "We Got the Beat;" Kool and the Gang's, "Get Down on It." You name it, we heard it.

    We had so much fun with these songs that before we reached home, I called the library to place all these CDs on hold. We ran in, picked them up, and sang the rest of the way home. Tons of fun! I love how the girls get into all this music and love dancing and singing to it. Brings back LOTS of my own memories. :)

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