Creating a New Game

My husband Scott has a knack for making up things. 

Our large chrome coffee maker is The Caffeinator: Rise of the Machine. His two award-winning chilies (he won back-to-back competitions) are Sunburned Zebra (black & white beans) and Paloma Blanca- (chicken & white beans). When his mom gets on a talking roll on the phone, it's a 'Momalog'. He even calls his current season of attire: The McCarron Summer Collection. (You should see the Pomp with which it is unpacked from storage).
His two best buddies from high school (Steve & Jim) were complicit in this as well. I believe they were the creators of renaming the car fan the Foul Aroma Negator. But they often fondly remember their amazing feats during a rousing game of American Ball or Gladiator Ball (similar games, but one allowed couch cushions), or nearly killing each other while playing 'Ice Soccer'. I asked them for some scoop and here is Steve's reply:

"Ice Soccer was sort of like the movie "Slapshot" with beer and no blood.  The premise of the game was to play soccer with a few people on an ice rink, it was full contact and required very little skill - hence my ability to play with Scott and Jim, who were both very good soccer players.  

We would have at least one goalie, maybe two if we had enough people playing.  We would be bundled up with lots of layers and would end up crashing into the ice or snow drifts.  We did not keep score and our best memory of the game was who delivered the best hit of the night.  No cheap shots, but running around on an ice rink in tennis shoes trying to kick a soccer ball was challenging.  The fun part was getting up a good running start and sliding into someone and taking him out of the play and into a snow pile on the side of the rink.  Then, both of us trying to run on the ice to get back into the action.

The best memory I have of Ice Soccer was that it was something we invented and played.  There was no pressure, just fun and hanging out with close friends -- friendships that have lasted over thirty years."

It's no wonder BASEketball is such a beloved movie to them all (or maybe it's the scantily clad cheerleaders?).
This last spring break, Scott & Sam (6) found themselves on an empty beach with only a Nerf football, buckets, and some longer-handled shovels to keep them entertained (it was still too cold in the Atlantic to do more than dip a toe, then run away shrieking, "wow- that IS cold"). After making our 800th castle and stomping them down Godzilla-like, we needed a something else to do...
Enter the new game*:
One player pitches the football while the other hits it with a shovel, like baseball. Once hit, if the pitcher catches the ball, you're out. If not, he can still throw the ball at the runner for the out, however, if the runner can catch that ball, or make it around the 'bases', he gets to run for a touchdown!
*Even though he looks just like his Dad, Sam mostly takes after me in the personality department, which at times can be trying to Scott (it's hard enough having one of me around). But as we sat there thinking up with a good name for this new hybrid beach shovel/football/baseball game, Sam looked at us and just said: 
Perfect. Perhaps he's more like his Dad after all.

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