The Grandparents Effect

It's an amazing phenomenon...I call it the Grandparents Effect.  It's what happens to your parents once you have children.  They become these people you don't have never met them before.  Your parents do things you never thought they would do.  In regards to their grandchildren, grandparents act completely differently than they did when they were parents. 


When parents become grandparents, something happens to them.  It's almost like their inner child is reborn with the birth of a grandchild.   Maybe it's the lack of pressure and responsibility that grandparents get to finally experience compared to when they were raising their own children.  Who knows.  I do know that I have seen my parents and Ken's mom transform into these silly people who will do almost anything to get a giggle from Cooper and Cole.  And they seen so happy to do it. 


This concept of the Grandparents Effect came to me last weekend as I watched my Dad play Star Wars with Cooper and Cole.  My Dad who hates guns was running around our house with a huge Nerf gun pretending to be Hans Solo carrying a blaster.  Growing up, my brothers never had guns because my parents did not like guns. 


The only thing I can think's the Grandparents Effect, and I love it! 


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  • Lisa, I love this entry because it reminds me of our grandparent effect situation. My father never believed in buying halloween costumes and with his grandchildren you better believe it. He is always asking and wants to see them all dressed up. We never got to jump on beds and guess who can, the grandchildren. Although I get somewhat jealous, I enjoy the relationship my girls have with their grandparents.

  • In reply to vlopez:

    Thanks Veronica! It's great to see grandparents having so much fun.

  • In reply to vlopez:

    Yes, I totally agree. They sometimes do things that they never did with us, and at times, even if I ask them not to. :)

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    I know right! Then when they have to say no to their grandkids, they blame us and say "mommy said no so I can't...".

  • In reply to vlopez:

    I know!! How about it?! Don't you just LOVE that?! "Mommy said no, so I can't. You need to talk to your mommy about that. I have no say so...."

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