Moved By The Movers

As many of you know from my June 3, 2010 entry "I Like My Kids' TV Show", 

I like the Imagination Movers. It's a Disney Junior TV show that features four guys who solve "idea emergencies" through imagination and song. 


The boys and I never miss a show.  We have all of their CDs and we went to their 2009 concert when they came to Chicago.  I have to admit, I really do like their music.  It's a regular on the playlist at Club Witek. 


I am also very impressed with the resilience of this local New Orleans band.  Three of Movers lost their homes during Hurricane Katrina, and the last one was a firefighter who went missing during a Katrina rescue effort. They all rebuilt their lives and stayed focused on their collective create rock music that both parents and children could enjoy together.


So when tickets went on sale for their 2011 tour, I was quick to buy four.  I decided to splurge and purchase what was called the 'Mini Mover Package' which included:


  • A premium seat in the first 10 rows
  • Meet & Greet Photo Opportunity
  • A Movers Music Party after the concert
  • Signed poster of the band

I know, I know.  When I told Ken how much the tickets cost, he thought I was nuts, but Cooper and Cole love these guys, and yes, so did I.  What I was really looking forward to was meeting the Movers.  I had seen them interviewed a few times and was curious to find out if they were the 'real deal'.  They seemed so genuine during the interviews...just really nice guys who truly love what they do.      


Last Saturday (March 26) was the concert at the Rosemont Theater and it was an event none of us will ever forget.  Cooper and Cole were very excited as they had just finished making their "Movers Rock" signs that morning.  We had second row seats, which was a little intimidating at first for both Cooper and Cole, but once the show began they were hooked. 


Choo Choo Soul, another Disney music group, opened for the Imagination Movers and they were great.  Then, the Movers came on stage and it was unbelievable.  The music was great, the action on stage was fun, but what was truly amazing is the interaction these four guys had with the audience. 


Consistently, one, two or all of the Movers came out into the audience to sing and dance with the kids.  Mover Rich even ventured up into the balcony seating to hang out with fans.  Yes, we had great seats, but in reality, there are no bad seats at an Imagination Movers concert.  There is almost just as much action going on in the crowd as there is on stage.  


During the entire show, Cooper and Cole were singing and dancing and having a blast.  They would hold up their signs periodically during the show and Movers would give them a "thumbs up", a wave or a wink.  The boys were in heaven.  Here were these guys that Cooper and Cole idolized and now the Movers were just a mere ten feet away. 


After the show, we went to the Meet & Greet and got to sing a few acoustic songs with the Movers before our Photo Opportunity.  When we took our photo with the Movers, we got to have a few minutes to chat with them.


I was so impressed by how kind and patient they are with their fans.  These guys had just put on an hour plus show of jumping, singing and dancing...they had to be tired.  I was tired, but they never showed it.  The Movers spent quality time with every child and parent they met. 


Cooper got his favorite drum sticks signed by Mover Rich, who actually is the person that inspired Cooper to play the drums.  I got to chat with the rest of the guys (Movers Dave, Scott and Smitty) about their success, the tour and their hobbies.  I could have stayed and talked to them for hours, but our time was up and the next family was waiting. 


Those few minutes I had with them reinforced that the Imagination Movers are the real deal.  They love what they do and recognize how fortunate they are to be where they are today.  These guys are very appreciative of their success and attribute much of it to their fans. They are nice guys who make you feel like you are hanging out with one of your friends whether it is during their concert or talking to them one-on-one. 


It was sad when we had to go, but as we walked to our car, Ken turned to me and said that experience was worth every penny.  We all had a great time, but I can honestly say I was 'moved by the Movers'.  Their patience and willingness to spend time with their fans is very unique and an experience that many children (and adults) will remember for years. 


For me, their determination and passion for what they do is inspirational.  Not to get too deep, but it made me think about where I am in my life right now and how I can still do anything.  And for me, that is one of the most important things I want Cooper and Cole to believe follow their dreams and they can do anything.  


I hope that one day I have the opportunity to meet the Movers again and thank them for that!




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  • Moved by the Movers, right along with you! We've been to 4 shows this tour already, and are planning some PA and NJ shows! :) Wee-ho! This is a can't miss concert and the splurge is so worth it for the VIP package! If you've not purchased your tickets yet, don't delay! The guys are fantastic about making sure everyone has a great time, even the adults! ;)

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