Look, A Flying Turtle!

April Fools. (The height of hilarity for a 6 year old!)
The day to love or hate is upon us. 
That all depends if you're the gullible one or the one who gets their friends to fall for a well planned prank.
This day essentially makes me bummed out that I am not move clever (or is it cleverer?) when it comes to pulling a good prank. I mean a Roseanne-style, highly intricate prank that just blows everyone away. That is a true gift, and one I admit to being jealous of (that person is also a blast to play drunk Truth-or-Dare with).
Holy crap! I just tried researching April Fool's Day and it's history (so maybe we could all better ourselves and learn something new), and it was mired in goofiness. One story remarked on how a Boston College professor made up a story for class about it's origins and, to his surprise, was then sought after for an actual interview, which then went national- and was total BS. 
Basically, the consensus is: no one has the foggiest idea how playing pranks on people became the thing to do on April 1st. 
April Fools Day is indeed, the biggest prank in and of itself.

Oh, but it is a rare and wonderful thing to see a successful April Fools Day prank pulled off. 

Our middle school's sign currently reads:

March 28th: Classes Resume
April 1st: Aerosmith Concert
Subtle awesomeness.
Our local radio station XRT manages to continually out-do themselves. (There is even an entry on Wikipedia of their pranks-sweet!).
One year, the DJs were all excited about their new glass-windowed downtown studio. "Come on down everyone, and be on the air, a-la The Today Show" (psst-it's RADIO!). The kicker: the fake address they gave out on air led the masses to the middle of the Michigan Avenue Bridge over the Chicago River, where a sign mocking your silliness (gullibility?) revealed the joke-care of XRT. Local news crews even came out to film the various head smacking reactions.
I asked my facebook family for some of their past pranks and this is some of what I got:
Kimberly S:  it was only in revenge for TPing my car on Halloween. I made a fake parking ticket envelope and had my sister stick it on my coach's windshield >;D Needless to say, it was very convincing. Who says creativity can't be used for evil purposes?
Dr. Robin- (in the medical community): 1-make up funny names (Seemore Butts) and book them in to the computer system 2-load someone's schedule with the worst complaints (use your imgaination here) 3-load someones schedule so that they are triple booked for every appointment-usually someone forgets its april fools and runs to our manager to complain

Rob C: @ Hewitt when some prankster shifted all the decor on the floors. When people looked out the elevator door and didn't see their vase/plastic plant/painting/etc they didn't get out and everyone ended up on the wrong floors all day. Crazy in Lincolnshire, I tell ya!"  

Kathleen G: "Many years ago, before cell phones connected us 24-7, my husband had a co-worker (with a wonderful, DJ sounding voice) call me to say that my husband had won a radio contest he had entered. The prize was $200.00...the catch was, he had to call within an hour to claim it. Well, gullible me, I fell for it. So, I called my husband at work - apparently, everybody was in on it and I heard every excuse in the book- oh, he was with a customer- oh, he hasn't called you back yet? - I just saw him a minute ago, let me see if I can find him - oh, it looks like he just left for lunch....by then I was frantic because $200 was a lot back then to a struggling young couple. Of course, the deadline passed and I was beside myself! He eventually called to say April Fools! They all got a good laugh...I didn't think it was very funny!" 

Keri: having Saran wrap covering my door (ooh- and you can cover the toilet too)

Heather L: way back many years ago, when dinasours walked...phones used to have cords and rest in a cradle/receiver with a button that pushed down to hang up when the phone went into said receiver. My mom taped the button down and had someone call the house. She instructed us to answer the phone for her as she was in the middle of somethng. when we picked up the phone, it kept ringing...and round and round we went...pick up the phone, we did but its still ringing, pick up the phone, i did, pick up the phone whats the matter with you kids dont you now how to answer the phone??.... Guess this prank for April foods day wouldnt work well in this day and age... 

So, I hope you go out and enjoy this silly day- and Go Cubs- it's Opening Day at Wrigley!

P.S. I would like to send out loving 50th wedding anniversary wishes to Jack and Joan McCarron today! Congratulations!
P.P.S. Happy Birthday to my best friend and spouse Scott tomorrow. I'd marry you all over again, honey!



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  • My mom just got me. She called to say that she is leaving my father. I forgot it was April Fool's and I fell for it! :)

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