I Want It All...?! -or- The Agony of a Local Jingle

A local furniture store has officially pissed me off with their ad campaign. 
Usually I can handle a jingle, maybe sing it, or at the very least, ignore it.
This one is different. 
It has made me rant...
But first, we all know the jingles that work; when you not only know the song, but the product. Even long-gone stores live on in song (sorry this is biased to Chicagoans, but you may know them too):
"call national 2 9,000, national 2 9,000"
"It's a beautiful place in the country" (it's a car dealership in the city- what?)
"773 202 do-doot-do-doo- Luna"
"Mr Plow, that's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow" (oh, wait, that's from "The Simpsons")
A special award goes out to Rockenbach Chevrolet - the source of several jokes in our house (like after it was in my head all morning, Scott sent me an email with the subject: Rockin! When I opened it, it said "bach, Chevrolet". Argh.) It's so catchy, yet terribly inane:
"We've got Chevy's and Chevy's and Chevys. Rockenbach Chevrolet." (hhmm, now, what is it they have there?)
This latest one takes the cake. It not only makes NO sense for a furniture store, it embodies the very essence of avarice that bothers the world about Americans.
To wit:
I want it all. 
I want it all!
I want it all...
and I want it now!
First, it's a damned furniture store. You usually tend to go into one of these with maybe one or two items in mind. Say, we need a new couch. Wow look, there are a 127 couches to choose from. I'll take the lot! 
B. How Veruca Salt of them. Seriously, this one goes right down the "Bad Egg" chute into the garbage bin. "Daddy, I want all these floor lamps and those side tables. And I want it NOW!"
It's time they return to their previous commercials showcasing silly 80's dancers. We'd at least stop what we were doing when one of those came on, as they had some serious arm flailing/hip bumpin' moves you've not seen in a club in decades (like I go to clubs anymore, but still, I feel I can deduce).
The Trash Heap has spoken. Hhyunngh.


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  • Too funny! Great morning laugh! But now I have the 588-2300 in my head! Thanks! My brain probably won't extricate that until tmrw. morning. :)

  • I too am annoyed by that commercial. Another pet peeve of mine in the commercial world are cereal & fast food commercials & the chocolate = happiness.

    Way to work in a Fraggle Rock reference :)

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