Godparents are Special People

My fellow bloggers Lisa and Nina have written about the Christening or the Welcoming Ceremony of their children.  Well, I also have something to share about my girls' baptism and that is the "Special" relationship that my girls have with their respective godparents.  Now there are some words that you need to know before I continue.  There are titles for the godparents and the parents once this relationship is established.  Comadre, is a term of endearment used for the women in this relationship.  Compadre, is the term used for the men in the relationship.  Now if you say Compadres then you are referring to the couple.

For our girls, we chose married couples who share family values similar to ours.  In addition, they are all great with children.  First, are Gaby's godparents, Jaime and Theresa.  Theresa and I were very close college friends.  We met each other before meeting our husbands.  We were study buddies at Loyola.  When I was pregnant with Gaby, we knew they were the right choice for us.  They make Gaby feel special all the time.  Whenever we visit with each other Gaby glows with delight.  She will hug and kiss them and spontaneously say, "I love you."  My comadre listens very patiently to Gaby's long life stories.  And some of these stories can be very long.  She gets very excited when she knows we will be visiting them or stands by the phone when we are talking so she can talk to them too.  She even considers their 2 sons Jaime and Sebastian her little brothers.  She knows how special she is when we are with them.  We will forever be grateful for this.

Now there's Karla, whose godparents are Jesus and Otilia.  Otilia is my cousin.  Again when I was pregnant we knew they were the right choice for us.  When my husband first met them, they became very good friends to the point that the Jose now works with the compadre.  Again Karla knows how special she is when she's around them.  Karla is very cute about her godparents because she can suddenly recall stories about them on a whim.  For example, her godfather gave her a piece of gum that she chewed it until it became shreds.  She remembered that piece of gum for weeks and still savored it.  On another ocasion Jose had to run an errand to the compadres' house and Karla went along.  Her godmother was feeding her own children and offered Karla some breakfast.  Those were the best pancakes Karla ever had.  The love and affection they show her has even made their own children jealous and Karla loves every minute of it.  Again, we are very grateful for this.

Finally, there is Andrea whose godparents are Jose Luis and Roxana, high school friends of mine.  I lost contact with them after high school and we got reacquainted after we had gotten married.  Once Jose got to know them he said, "One day they will be our compadres."  So, when I was pregnant with Andrea they were our obvious choice.  Although, Andrea is still small, I can see her get giggly when held by her godparents or when we visit.  She knows who they are and that they are special, but she doesn't quite understand their significance and importance yet.  In addition, Andrea gets anything she wants from her godparents such as candy at 9:00 PM.  In fact, the other day when talking with the comadre, I mentioned that Andrea wanted a dog.  Her response, "I'm sure her godparents can accommodate her."  Again we are grateful for their love and attention.

These 3 couples have developed a very special and strong bond with my daughters.  Each girl is very possessive of their respective godparents.  They each need to be careful not to accidentally claim the others godparents.  The guilty one is immediately corrected by the true godchild and told not to make that error agian.  Every one likes to feel special and my girls are very fortunate to have yet another home to feel special at.  Thank you to all our compadres for giving our girls a special place in your home and heart.  Ay mama! 


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