Charlie Sheen needs a vasectomy

Charlie Sheen needs a vasectomy

Yes, Charlie Sheen needs to go into rehab. Maybe at this point the Hollywood actor turned lunatic should be institutionalized. But I also beg to argue that Mr. Sheen needs a vasectomy ASAP. He can afford his children, that's for sure. He is about to buy a sprawling mansion to hang out with them and his future harem of hookers.  It's his children, especially his 4 youngest ones, who can't afford the emotional toll he is taking on them.

His toddler twins have no clue what is going on but, unless you've fried your brain with cocaine or you are a porn star living with a multimillionaire Hollywood star, every reasonable person understands that Charlie and his Goddesses are not a fit parental unit. After her long interview with Charlie Sheen and his girlfriends, I have a new appreciation for ABC New Correspondent Andrea Canning. As a mother of two, I'm sure she was ready to slap them senseless or go off on the three of them, but as a journalist who wants to get the whole story, she couldn't lose her cool.  You notice she was hoping Sheen would snap out of it by repeating throughout the interview how beautiful his children were.

The women in Sheen's life are also to blame. This man has been a well publicized train wreck for years, but he still found women who marry him and reproduce with him. Did Denise Richards think she could change him? She had 2 beautiful girls with this man that, in her attempt to have them spend time with him, were caught in the middle of that ugly hotel incident in New York City last October.  Now she has to explain to a five and six year old why they can't be around their Dad.  And don't get me started on the last wife Brooke Mueller, no stranger to drug use herself.  She's the mom of those twins we've seen with the Sheen threesome before being taken away by police.  They are now living with Brooke Mueller and her mother.

Ladies, if you are dating a well known cocaine and prostitute addict, you may not want to marry him unless they, ahem, "clean up" for good.  And even after marrying his sober being, think hard about bringing children into this world. Notoriously bad boy and now very sober Robert Downey Jr. married Susan Levin,  a lovely Chicago girl, a smart movie producer who follows his every move and keeps him on the wagon. So far, no children. She knows she married a child.

Clearly, hindsight is 20/20 (another stupid pun), those innocent babies are here already. I'm worried about the future ones that his "tiger blood" may want to bring into this world, especially with the company he is currently keeping. We are talking awesome gene pool! Someone, for the those unborn children and humanity's sake, schedule Sheen's vasectomy now. Ay Mama!


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  • En buen espanol, el tipo es un padrote! Muy bueno, Ana!

  • Totally agree!

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  • Charlie Sheen is a natural disaster...see the latest aftermath from Tsunami Sheen @imeanwhat

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