Adios, Spring Break!

Cancun. Daytona. Panama Beach. South Padre Island.

These names just evoke collegiate spring break madness. Close your eyes and imagine these places and what do you see? Half naked co-eds, palm trees, beer at noon, sun, beaches. MTV Beach Party? Belly flop contests?
Were you one of those co-eds once? If so, I hope you have a story or two you'd rather not share (what happens on spring break...).
Spring break with kids is an entirely new experience. Gone are the carefree days. We have to make plans for almost every day or the kids will start killing each other, or I will be killing them! Play dates. Sleep overs. The new "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" is coming out and the kids are already counting down the days. We're stealing away for a few days, but a planetarium and an oceanic museum are close by. There had better be a McDonalds nearby! 
As far as things to do, we looked into an indoor water park, but they are charging over $230 a night, which is more than double during their non-spring break nights. If you go south enough to be warm, you risk running into those crazed co-eds, and well, you really don't want to expose your kids to that element. Other southern retreats include Memphis with an awesome Egyptian-esque Zoo and Graceland (thank ya very much). St. Louis has a great kids museum and the arch. Too bad it's too early for baseball just yet.
My sister Wendy's family hits the mountains of Colorado almost every year. They drive, making the trip easier on the pocketbook than flying 5 people west, and all look forward to this trip every year.
What are you planning to do? I hope it's a blast and you all make fond memories.
P.S. American Idol has yet another contestant from the NW Chicago suburbs. Haley Reinhart is from Wheeling, just one suburb away from Lee DeWyze's Mt. Prospect. We cannot believe there is another contestant in the finals from RIGHT HERE. I don't know if we can take it! I saw my first sign supporting her today at the Wheeling town line- normally I would go and photograph it for you, but I am sick, and I'm not gonna. So there. But do vote for Haley if you like her. She is the best girl if you ask me, but I love Casey. (Who was born in Wilmette!) 

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