Snowmaggedon - Chicago's 2011 Blizzard

I know we are all sick of the snow, but I would be remised if I did not utilize today's entry, the day after Chicago's 2011 Blizzard, to feature some snow pictures. 


The news, especially WGN-TV (gotta love Tom Skilling who called the magnitude of this blizzard a week ago) did a great job with their coverage before, during and afterwards.  So we all knew the snow was coming. 


On Tuesday, I went to work in Downers Grove (about one hour from home) and everyone had open on their computers just watching the radar.  At about 1pm, the snow started.  There was a rumor that we were going to close early, but by 2pm, we had heard nothing.  Then by 3pm, my office closed and I started the trek home. 


I thought I would be fine, leaving two hours ahead of rush hour, but alas it seemed that everyone else had the same idea.  It took me 2 ½ hours to get home and most of my drive is interstate roads.  I am certainly not complaining as many people had longer commutes and others never made it home until the next day or later.


We spent the rest of the night doing our normal routine...dinner, baths, bedtime stories and then after the boys went to bed, Ken and I settled in on the couch and watched the blizzard coverage.  The video and photos were amazing, but as we looked out our window, to me, it didn't seem like the snow was accumulating that much.  Yes, the snow was blowing sideways and the wind was howling, but there were parts of our driveway that were clean.  Ken thought I was crazy and told me to wait until morning and watch...the drifts would appear. 


Of course, he was right...yet again.  The snow drifts were big.  We had 3-4 ft. snow drifts in the back and front of the house, and that was before Ken snowplowed. 


So on Wednesday, it was a pajama day at our house for most of the day.  Ken went out with his 'snow commander 2000' and plowed most of the neighborhood.  Then when the boys woke up from their nap, we took them outside for a bit to enjoy the massive snow piles.


As an adult, I really don't like the snow.  It's cold and creates lovely traffic issues, but for a kid, the snow is great.  It means sledding, snowball fights, huge snow forts, hot cocoa and no school! 


I remember so many great snow days.  My Dad would take us tobogganing for hours and then we would come home and drink hot cocoa and play Monopoly.  It was so much fun. 


So I need to suck it up and make sure my boys have some great winter memories.  And when Cooper asks me if I like the snow, I need to smile, say yes and go outside and create some cool snow forts and sled runs. 


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  • Our time was about the same! And yes, the next day for the kids was fantastic! We had drifts as tall as the side of our house, so the kids made their own sledding hills. So much fun!

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