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Club Witek

Almost every day of the week, Club Witek is the ‘IT’ place to be.  There is no cover charge, no bouncer and it’s a ‘safe haven’ for celebrities as the paparazzi has not discovered this ‘hot spot’ yet.   Sounds like a great place to hang out right?   OK…OK…Club Witek is really our family room. ... Read more »

Two Milestones In One

Two Milestones In One
This week was an exciting week because our family went through 2 milestones.  The biggest is that we no longer have a nursery.  Andrea is two and a half and she no longer liked to sleep alone in her room.  She didn’t mind sleeping in the crib, it was being away from her sisters that... Read more »

Grandpa's Second Chance, Courtesy of His Little Angel

Papa and the family sporting silly bunny ears at Easter two years ago - Julie and I were both pregnant with our sons.
My Previous Blog > “Big Milestones All Around” Papa and Cierstin, his Little Angel I have fond memories of my grandpa sitting in his La-Z-Boy recliner which sported a custom-fit, patchwork patterned sleeping bag with a metal zipper (the Snuggie precursor).  On the opposite side of the living room, my grandma had an exact replica. Every... Read more »

Summer Camp

It is only February and all the Summer camp brochures are already out.  Should I enroll the kids in a camp this Summer or should I enjoy the two months of wonderful weather by taking them to the parks, pools and all other Summer related activities?  Decisions, decisions. As I was flipping through the pages... Read more »

No to Valentine's Day

Amelia is a total Daddy's girl.
I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I actually bought my husband and daughter a card for the occasion. I just don’t get the pressure that people feel to make one day all about love. As my friend Khadine perfectly expressed in her blog entry Happy Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the little things my husband and... Read more »

The House Fire That Almost Was

I swear, my brain has taken a vacation. It just up and left me and has had enough of the cold and ass-high piles of snow. So it’s really no surprise that on Tuesday, the day I normally write my Ay, Mama! entry for the week, I had nothing. Tabula rasa; the dreaded blank slate. ... Read more »

Not Another Nose Bleed

My son Cole gets nose bleeds a lot.  It all started when he was nine months old.  One day at daycare, Cole fell and bumped his nose.  They told me it bled a little but he was fine.  That night Cole woke up crying and when I went to go check on him, there was... Read more »

Big Milestones All Around

Nana and her grandchildren.
My Previous Blog > “When Mother’s Day Became MY Day” Shortly after Mother’s Day, we headed down to Springfield, IL for my nephew’s Baptism. My sister, Julie asked me to be Paxton’s godmother. I was honored, thrilled and immediately accepted. I’m one lucky Auntie! I also have the privilege of being my niece’s godmother, too.... Read more »

Children's birthday parties

Went a little bigger at our community room with friends her own age.
When I didn’t have a child, I cringed at the thought of being invited to a kid’s birthday party. My girlfriends understood, even the ones who picked me as their daughters’ godmother, and they spared me the invitations to Chuck-E-Cheese, Pump it Up or My Little Gym. My dislike lasted even after Amelia was born.... Read more »

La Lloroncita

“And when I hung up the phone it occurred to me, my girl was just like me…”   Harry Chapin When I was a little girl my parents had several pet names for me.  Although it is quite difficult to shorten the name Nina, they found some interesting and creative nicknames.  Tortuguita, Ninoshka and Pichi... Read more »