Learning to Read

Cooper is starting to read!  It is so cool to see him sound out letters.  The look on his face when he realizes putting sounds together makes a word is priceless.


Reading to the boys has always been a priority for us.  Ken and I read to them at least twice a day, two books at naptime and four books at nighttime.  We have done this since the first day we brought them home from the hospital. 


I remember when Cooper first started "reading words" when he was about two.  We would drive to Target or Costco and he would tell me where we were.  At first, I thought WOW...my boy is a genius!  Actually, he just recognized the signs on the storefronts since he saw them every week.


Then when he was about 2 ½ years old, he started "reading" his books to us.  For a brief moment, I thought he actually was recognizing the words on the page.  In reality, he had the book memorized and just retold the story to us.


When Cooper turned three, I looked into various options to start teaching him how to read.  I was truly surprised at all of the options out there.


·         Hooked On Phonics

·         Your Baby Can Read

·         BOB Books 


We went with using the Bob Books and working with Cooper on learning the different sounds of the letters.  To learn the sounds, we utilized the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics: Magnetic Alphabet Set. 


In regards to the Bob Books, they are great.  There are five sets of books with 12 books within each set.  The Bob Books slowly introducing new letter sounds, using consistency, repetition and stories that fit short attention spans.  Each book and builds upon each other and so you need to start with book one and move on from there.  The books feature cute characters in funny situations that increase their desire to read.


It took some time, but soon Cooper started picking up on sounding out words on his own.  It's amazing to see him sound out words he has never seen before.  He is so proud of himself and I get so excited for him.  I never really understood the power and joy of learning until I saw it through my sons' eyes.

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