Children's birthday parties

When I didn't have a child, I cringed at the thought of being invited to a kid's birthday party. My girlfriends understood, even the ones who picked me as their daughters' godmother, and they spared me the invitations to Chuck-E-Cheese, Pump it Up or My Little Gym. My dislike lasted even after Amelia was born. Her first birthday was celebrated at her grandparents with 5 adults. Worried that Ame wouldn't have pictures with another child her own age on her first birthday, my friend Kate and her daughter Ellie, also one, invited us over for cupcakes.

But when Amelia began getting invited to birthday parties, I started appreciating these events for the first time in my life. Quoting my friend Terry, a kid's birthday party takes care of two hours of your day when you don't have to entertain your own child.  I particularly grew fond of those parties form 9AM to 11AM. I have an early riser so 9AM was like midday for us and 11AM was nap time.  I also loved the coffee and the cinnamon buns for the sleep deprived parents.

Now that she's three I'm liking them even more. The last two Sundays Amelia has been invited to birthday parties for her new girlfriends in school. Last Sunday's party was at  The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park where Amelia touched a real live turtle and saw a live stick bug for the first time ever. The birthday girl's Daddy had his band play live music for the kids and my daughter couldn't stop dancing. 

This Sunday, the birthday party was at Kid City Chicago, one of our favorite indoor playgrounds in town. Amelia had a great time with her friends. The best part of this birthday was that the girl's family is from Israel, so my daughter mingled with kids who spoke two languages, heard the Happy Birthday song in Hebrew and was exposed to another culture which to me is a priceless experience. 
I have no idea what we will do for Amelia's birthday this year. I admit that my husband and I go back and forth about the need to throw a big party for a 4 year old. But I also know that our daughter loves birthday parties and, thanks to our recent experiences, she already told me she wants a big giant cake. I wonder if her girlfriend's Dad's band can play Happy Birthday in Spanish.  Ay Mama!


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  • Tienes toda la razon y Kid City es una chuleria! Ahi le celebramos el primer anito a Joaquin. A ver que le hago este ano para su cumple en mayo!

  • A mi me encanta Kid City. Me acorde que lo habias usado para uno de los nenes.

  • te entiendo perfectamente, it's free entretainment for kids and in some cases for adults too. a mi me pasaba con halloween, no me gustaba nada de peque

  • Ay Jessica, soy igualita que tu con Halloween.

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