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"Playing with Others: Smiles and Giggles"

Though everything went smoothly during Atia's chemo push, the side effects were another story...

She was tired, cranky and plagued with constipation, again! As expected, the steroids played tricks with her mood; we never knew what was going to trigger tears, rage, smiles or giggles. It was a delicate situation in which hypersensitivity was magnified to the nth degree - for both parties. To cheer her up, we were silly clowns; to comfort her aches, we were cuddly masseuses; to prolong the unexpected bouts of happiness, we mirrored her enthusiasm and joy. We did whatever it took to get Atia through hell week.

Along the way, one thing that we had mastered was the art of making perfect scrambled cheesy eggs; they had become her all-time favorite meal during intense treatment week - breakfast, lunch and dinner... cheesy eggs. One of Atia's friends undergoing treatment devours eggs during his treatment week too. It's a curious phenomenon. I have no idea why they crave eggs; another one of the great cancer treatment mysteries, I guess.

Thankfully at week's end, most of the side effects had dissipated and we had our sweet, stable Atia back. I love that girl!

Quickly, I switched gears and became Miss Party Planner Extraordinaire because I had two very big and exciting celebrations on the horizon. The first was my best friend's baby shower, which I was co-hosting and was scheduled for the first Saturday in June (2010).


You may remember Angi from some of her previous guest entries: The Corporate Traveler's Wife, Girls' Night Every Night and Caution: Contents Under Pressure . She and I have been besties since the middle of our seventh grade year... a long, long time ago. We even made it through being roommates the entire four years of college. I'm so blessed to have her friendship and will always be thankful for that one day after school when I was the new girl and she scooted over on the bus to make room for me. Then, she invited me over to her house for milk and cookies (No joke, that's really how it happened).

The second was Asher's christening the following day. Yep, call me crazy but since some of the people I wanted at Asher's christening were flying in for Angi's baby shower, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and schedule them over the same weekend.

People began flying and driving in the Thursday before. As you can imagine, coordinating arrivals, food, childcare, sleeping arrangements and all the last minute details was no easy feat, but that's what I loved about all of it. It was controlled chaos. My planning skills and patients were tested and came through with flying colors.

It was truly a gift to be swept away in the simple pleasures of Angi's shower and Asher's christening; it was a welcome distraction from the stress of Atia's battle with cancer. I'll take the highs and lows of party planning over cancer treatment any day.

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