Bunk Bed Update

It's almost been 2 weeks since we got the bunk beds for the girls and it's been interesting.  The little person who makes it interesting is Andrea.  She has managed to keep her sister awake and after a long night waking her up in the morning. 

The first 2 nights, she was really excited to sleep there so she would go to bed and to sleep with no problem.  They would talk a little, but they would go to sleeep fairly quickly.  But, by the 3rd night the excitement was over and going to sleep got just a little bit harder.  (Just the opposite of everyone else who has to deal with excitement.)

The girls' bedtime is 8:00 and they all now it.  The problem is not going to bed but going to sleep.  Karla has to go to sleep since she has a full day of school the next day.  Andrea has napped and she isn't so tired.  Now, Karla hasn't napped and wants and needs to sleep.  Well, Andrea sees to it that Karla doesn't get to sleep.  She has done everything to keep her sister awake.  Her favorite thing to do is to keep talking to the point Karla screams to us to get Andrea to be quiet.  Andrea also plays with Karla's hair, sprinkles milk from her sippy cup as if she were baptizing Karla, and even wiggles in bed until she can get as close to Karla as possible.  We can usually hear Karla telling her to stop.  Then Karla gets frustrated and yells to me, "Mom, Andrea won't let me sleep."  Someimes I let them be like this for about 15 mintues and then I go in there to get Andrea to stop.  I usually tell one to turn one way and the other to turn the other way.  This is usually enough to get Andrea to stop

Once they are asleep it's fine. Then comes the waking up part.  Andrea usually wakes up before Karla so, the first few days she would yell, "Mom, can you get me down?"  I would run to get her down so not to wake Karla.  Then she opted to climb over Karla to get down, again waking Karla.  Now she has learned to go around Karla and not scream thus not waking her sister.

Another battle has been the blankets.  They have a princess and a non-priincess blanket.  They both always want the princess blanket and fight for it.  So I have turned to covering them both with both blankets and that way they both a little bit of the princeses.

Now that we are overcoming these battles in the bunk beds, we are returning to some normalcy.  They are getting acclamated and we are enjoying watching them.  Ay mama!


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