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Shortly after Mother's Day, we headed down to Springfield, IL for my nephew's Baptism. My sister, Julie asked me to be Paxton's godmother. I was honored, thrilled and immediately accepted. I'm one lucky Auntie! I also have the privilege of being my niece's godmother, too.

While some folks baptize their children within the first few weeks following birth, Julie and I have a history of waiting a bit longer. Paxton was nine months old; the same age Atia was when she was christened.

Paxie-poo looked absolutely adorable; Julie found the cutest little white suit; he looked like a little man! He was a good boy, too; he was content in the Pastor's arms and curious, not afraid, when the blessed water poured over his head.

It was a sweet, brief ceremony tucked between the Sunday morning's Call to Worship and Sermon. A milestone indeed! Afterward, we all headed over to Julie and Jim's house for a light lunch.

Paxton & Asher.jpg

Atia was feeling well that weekend, so she had a great time playing with her super cool big cousin, Cierstin. I spent a good deal of my time watching Paxton and Asher's interaction with one another. Since they are only ten weeks apart in age, I'm always taking mental notes on Paxton's progress. He's my crystal ball, my baseline for what to expect next with Asher.

Paxton was crawling, and though it was a newfound freedom, he was already a pro; there was no slowin' him down!  Asher could get up on all fours but was stuck there rocking back and forth. He stared in envy as his super cool big cousin Paxton easily maneuvered from one place to the next.

Is it possible for a seven month old to be motivated by a nine month old? 

I'm not sure about that, but what I do know is that a few weeks later, on May 29th Asher started crawling. It happened in an instant - up on all fours, rocking back and forth and then BAM! He just did it.

It was definitely exciting, but I also knew that it meant more work for me. No more sitting him in one place and knowing he wouldn't go anywhere. Yep, tons of extra work... up went the gates, again!


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