When Mother's Day Became MY Day

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Mother's Day has always been a special day in my family. When we were younger, my sister and I celebrated my mom as best we could. We didn't always have the money to buy amazing gifts or take her to delicious brunches; instead, we made homemade breakfasts and spent the day with her acknowledging everything that she'd done for us, everything she'd sacrificed for us and everything that she meant to us.

I grew up with a phenomenal role model, my mom is one of the best, and when it was my turn to be a mommy, I hoped that I could live up to the standards set before me. The first few years after becoming a mother, my Mother's Day focus was still on my mom, even though both my sister and I were moms (my sister for over five years already). Somehow, it just felt natural and more respectful to focus on our mom, not on ourselves...

However, last year there was a paradigm shift. It was my first Mother's Day as a mother of two; it was the first year we weren't with my mom and sister and it was the first time the focus was solely on me. I was celebrated for being the mother I had become. I mean, for the last two years I had been included in the traditional Mother's Day mimosa toasts, but it had really never been about me.

Atia was recovering from her spinal tap, and was suffering some pretty horrible constipation. Since she's always more comfortable at home, we decided to stay in town. Steve did everything he could to make the day special. Since it was just the four of us, he knew I'd be missing my mom and sister's company.

Mother's Day5.jpg

We went to church and then Steve took us out to brunch. The remainder of the day was spent at home lounging around and watching movies. Steve made dinner for me and the kids and he gave them baths and put them to bed. He made sure I didn't have to lift a finger - it was my day of rest.

There were no presents to unwrap, no huge pomp and circumstance; there didn't need to be. It was simple and low-key, and yet amazingly significant and wonderful all at the same time.

It was my day - a day I had earned - and not just because I had given birth. I had finally become an accomplished mother in my own mind. I had given everything I had during that year. I truly learned what it meant to be selfless and put my children first. After nearly three years since giving birth to Atia and adding Asher to our family a few years later, it felt good that Mother's Day had become MY day; I happily accepted the praise and pampering from my family.

It's the hardest job on earth, but I love being a mom (well... most days)!

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  • What a great entry! And Amen! It IS wonderful to now start celebrating us as moms!

    In the Pivo household, we just started doing our own Mother's Day, too, and I just love it. I get breakfast in bed, and yes, lots of pamper without all the pomp and circumstance.

    I still sometimes miss getting together with my mom and sister, but my mom has said for the last three years that it is also my day and I need to celebrate it the way I want. She does the same. My sister also has her own family and they also like to now focus on Laila, especially now that the kids are getting older. So, all we do is celebrate Mother's Day a little earlier with my mom and sister. That way, we don't miss out on the importance of still celebrating my mom, but on the actual day, we all three now celebrate in our own way.

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