Talkin' About A Resolution

"May all your troubles last as long as your New Years Resolutions"- Joey Adams
This quote is on the marquee at The South Church. We habitually read these posts on our way to Zoe's school. They've even had Albus Dumbledore up there. Nice. Anyway... this prompted Zoe to ask what a resolution was. So I told her. And it got me thinking...

Did you make a resolution? 

Do you ever?
How long do you usually keep them- or- have you broken it already?
Have you ever made a resolution to lose weight/workout?
The media covers this so fully-with every news outlet discussing resolutions. How to make one. How soon they are broken. Blah Blah blah. I appreciate the significance of making a new change with the start of a new year and all, but we are in need of a new crop of ideas.
I feel I can generalize and say that all of us, after the holidays, are betrayed by our pants which are suddenly really tight. Personally, if I carried my dietary habits into post-holiday, I would weigh 300 lbs. by the time those damn ants invade my house in spring. It's time to put DOWN the cookies (fudge, pies and more cookies) and pick UP yogurt, salad forks and those Fiber One bars that notoriously make you pass gas (well, they do). 
Dieting and working out should no longer be valid resolutions. These should be our mandatory punishment (atonement?) for all that holiday cheer(s). 
Scott & I always groan about this time of year as millions either go on a diet or to the gym for a few sessions.  You can no longer park near the gym. The classes are full, and you have to wait for a machine. We usually give it about 3 weeks until it's back to normal again and those fair weather weight-losers are all gone.
Might I be so bold as to suggest some alternate resolutions (it's never too late to resolve to do something, you know). 
1. Go on a date night at least once a month with your sweetie
2. Let the little things go (grudges, pet peeves, minor slights)
3. Be more open to new thoughts/ideas
4. Give time, money, or used items to charity
5. Put down the phone and Just Drive
6. Leave it better than you found it
7. Make a special 'date' with only one kid
8. and of course, for all the children of the world to join hands and sing in the spirit of Christmas.*
Wouldn't you know, I just got a reply email about a Moms Night Out from my friend Marni. She said she will try to come out, as her resolution is to "have a lot more fun this year." 
That's a good one. 
* thanks Steve Martin

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  • Great entry! Very funny. And very true! Since I love the taste of champagne, one year my resolution was that champagne was too good to just slurp on New Year's Eve, so I vowed to drink more of it throughout the year. :) I did really well with that one.

    My mother always wondered why resolutions can only be made on New Year's Eve. So, instead, she started making hers every year on her birthday (rebel). What better time to make a change, when your body grinds out a rusty cog, right? And, like you, her resolutions were not always about losing weight and eating less. They have always been a bit more profound or sometimes quite simple in thought, and usually involve something similar to what you post above.

    Happy New Year!

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