Sick, and Tired of It!

My house has had someone sick in it since Christmas. We all made it through that day great (phew), but the next day, while we were at Da Bears game, it all began (fuzzy transition segue).

4 doctor visits
1 croup diagnosis- which returned on New Years Eve, forcing us to cancel our trip to WI
1 strep diagnosis
1 tonsillitis diagnosis
1 cough/bacterial infection diagnosis with laryngitis
3 antibiotics prescribed
1 dental visit to fix my molar which broke off (aaah!), where I could not open my jaw for three days after
1 sick spouse whose bad cold and kept him working from home for 5 days
3 half-day pick-ups from school
I was actually on my way home from the doctor with Sam's strep diagnosis, when my sick husband met me at the door to tell me that he had to go pick up Zoe from school because she threw up (and we don't puke).
Worst of all, my Grandma Florence's health has failed and she is in hospice care, which just breaks our hearts.
Here's to your health, may it be better than ours.
2011 has pretty much sucked so far. The only plus side: we may get all this sickness past us, as we have a family reunion/wedding in Orlando, coming up. Perhaps the sun, Disney and Universal Studios is just what the doctor ordered.
P.S. You can't make this up- add on another doctor visit.  Tonight, Scott went to the Dr. and was told he had a virus and is really feeling sick and is in bed as I write. C'mon! Ay, mama!

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