Saying Goodbye to the Nursery

Well it's more babies for me.  I basically already knew that after Cole was born, but nothing makes it more real than when you take down the nursery.  That's what I did a few weeks ago.  Cole turned two in November and it was time for him to move into his big guy bed. 


We ordered Cole's new bed and furniture in December and they told us it would not arrive until February.  I was good with that as I was not ready for the nursery to go away.  But then in early January, I received a call from the store and the furniture was ready to be delivered.  What?  Already!  So I asked them to push the delivery back a week and realized it was now time to dismantle the nursery.


So that following Saturday, I packed up everything.  All of the cute little pillows, picture frames, blankets, the crib all had to go. 


That room had been a nursery since 2006 when Cooper was born and now almost five years later, it was gone. 


Like I said, I knew we were not having another baby, but this act of taking down the nursery make it real to me...made it so final. 


I was surprised that I only cried a little, however after I found out the new furniture was ready, I would just go and sit in the nursery and think.  I would 'travel' down memory lane and revisit all of those amazing memories Ken and I had with baby Cooper and baby Cole.


Of course, Cole loves his new room just like Cooper did.  He is so excited to be a big guy.  Me...I am not quite ready for that yet, but I can't stop it.  I can't stop my boys from growing up.  Oh well.  As I seem to say more and more is what it is.  Goodbye nursery! 


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  • Lisa--I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I'm going through it right now, saying goodbye to the crib, the car carrier cover, all those things. It seems I guess it is. I keep telling myself, "Now on to bigger things, literally!"

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