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As I was browsing around the ChicagoNow website, I stumbled across a blog post about Mayor Daley's Kids and Kite's Festival in Chicago. I'd never been, but the author of Wee Windy City, Caitlin Giles said it was one of her favorite spring activities. So, I wanted to give it a try.

The only hurdle - and it was a big one - was that it was the day after Atia's spinal tap. Not knowing how she was going to feel (though as we all know from my previous blog, that it wasn't a great week) we tentatively penciled it in to our Saturday plans. I really hoped we could go. My mom was in town and I thought it would be a fun, free way to enjoy some time together.

Steve & Atia Kites.jpg

Luckily, Atia woke up Saturday morning feeling decent. So, we decided to give it a try. We got everyone and everything packed up and headed off. As we approached, we could see hundreds of kites wafting through the air. It was beautiful and unlike anything we'd ever seen before; everyone got really excited.

After finally finding a parking spot - apparently, we'd chosen the most popular time to arrive - we quickly hopped out of the car and headed towards the music, kites and crowd. We hadn't brought a kite with us - we didn't own one - but knew that they were giving free makeshift kites in one of the craft tents.

We made our way over and created our flimsy kite. We weren't sure if it'd actually fly, but we knew for a fact that it wouldn't be as beautiful as all the extraordinary kites overhead. However, that didn't stop us from trying. We trekked over to the hilly grass area and found the perfect spot.

Unfortunately, since leaving the craft area, Atia's mood had changed; she was no longer happy to be there. She moaned and grunted, whimpered and whined. She said she didn't want to go fly the kite, but we didn't believe her. We thought she'd love it once we actually started trying to fly it. You know how kids are - sometimes they just need to be shown how fun it is; a little convincing was in order.

So there we were, under an umbrella of beautiful kites floating above us, with the magnificent Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan as the backdrop and Atia wasn't the least bit impressed. Ms. grumpy pants sat in her stroller pouting. Every once in a while, we saw a quick smile with bright eyes (which we managed to catch on film), but primarily she puckered her lip pouting. Then, it morphed into a full on tantrum. She wanted to go.

Moments later, we threw in the towel. We surrendered. It's no fun being at a kid's activity when the kid isn't into it. We said goodbye to all the beautiful kites and headed back to the car. Wouldn't you know that within moments of leaving, Atia's mood miraculously bounced back and she was happy as could be.

Oh well, at least we got some cool pictures! I think we'll try it again this year. I'm sure Atia will be more impressed and Asher will finally be old enough to enjoy it too.

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  • Laura, I was happy to stumble across this post tonight -- in the middle of a Chicago blizzard. Reminded me why we live here! I do love that Kids and Kites Festival -- got to find out if they are offering it again this spring. To warmer days in Chicago!

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