Day Care dilemma

I should have pulled the plug sooner. Like when Amelia was switched from one classroom to another on her first day at day care without anyone notifying me. Or when her new teacher was constantly absent or late and Amelia would end up in some other classroom. Or when I went to pick her up and she was wearing someone else's underwear and/or sweater. Maybe when she came home with her dress slashed in the front and no note about what happened.  Especially after I asked the teacher's assistant, who had become the teacher for all intents and purposes, what happened and she told me she thought Amelia had come to school with her dress like that. Not to mention the Day Care Cough.

The lack of communication and the mismanagement of the place where we were dropping our daughter off for four hours, five times a week was appalling, but Amelia was happy. As you may know after reading The Pre School Search, I have a lot of personal baggage about my own early education, so the most important thing for me was that my daughter was happy in school. She was happy when she we dropped her off and happy when we picked her up, so I could suck up that they couldn't find my daughter's coat or that I got another student's report twice. 
I did complain to management about all of this but nothing ever changed. Hence, a month ago I went to check out a different day care closer to our home.  They called to tell me there was a spot for her and to schedule I tour. I hesitated because again, Amelia was happy at the other place. What if I screwed her up by switching her? She will hopefully go to school in September so I would be changing her twice in 8  months. Could that be bad for her?
My mother, who was a school principal and a grade school teacher and who kept telling me to give the first day care a chance because "no school is perfect" had heard enough bad stories and suggested I checked out the new place just in case. "Who knows, Amelia might like it better and you would have peace of mind for months".   My cousin Vanessa, mother of three, said children are resilient and Amelia would be fine if I switched.
Well, I took Amelia to the tour and even though she went in saying she would "never go to school ever again, ever", when it was time to go, she didn't want to leave. She really liked it. Her baby sitter took her for an hour during the week and both of them came back very happy. This time I asked all the questions I would have never thought about the first time I did this search. 
Amelia starts at her new day care tomorrow.  I'm not looking forward to the adaptation process but I have a feeling both of us will cry less the second time around. Wish me luck.  Ay Mama!


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  • Sounds like you did the right thing. That first day care sounded like a parent's nightmare! Hopefully you will have a better experience with this new one. Good luck!!!

  • Wow! Good Luck with the second place! The first one certainly sounds nightmarish!!!

    I remember my eldest's first daycare. It was hard enough for me to leave Lilija there and go back to work and have her there 10-11 hours a day (which is one reason why I left work to be home with her), but then wacky things started to happen. I'd pick her up and she would be sitting in a swing, facing the parking lot, with no one around to push her. That's how she sat, just staring at cars coming and going, and no way to get out of that swing,as she was only 14 months old, and no one watching her. That is just crazy!

    It's bad enough we need to trust strangers with our children, but when things like what happened to me and you begin happening, that's a serious problem in need of change.

  • Thank you ladies. She was even happier when I picked her up from the new place on her first day. This day care seems more organized, less crowded and calmer. I know there are no perfect schools but I sure can find the right fit for us.

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