A Whale of a Trip - Part 2

As you might remember from last week's post, we spent our first day in Florida just hanging out at my parent's timeshare in the hopes that Dylan would be rested enough to tackle Magic Kingdom the following day.

Well, he wasn't. And he let us know it all day long.

We do have to take the circumstances into consideration here. The kid is in a new place, not only sharing a bed with his parents - which he is not used to - but also sharing a hotel room with his aunt and uncle. Of course he went to bed late, of course, he slept badly all night, and of course he woke up waaaaaay before he was really ready to. Added to all the holiday hubbub just a few days before and getting on a plane the previous day, that is NOT a good combination.

To make matters worse, it was unseasonably cold in Florida. Really, really cold. None of us were prepared for 30-degree weather, and certainly not super happy about having to spend a whole day walking around outdoors in that weather. You would think that not a lot of people would venture out to the parks that day, but you would be mistaken.

I have never seen so many people in my life! It was so crowded that we couldn't get into the rides we'd been so excited to take Dylan to, like Snow White or Peter Pan (we tried to get a Fast Pass for the Peter Pan ride at 2 pm. It said to come back at 10 pm. We didn't.).

Between the lack of sleep, the cold, and the crowds, Dylan was a total mess. We spent the entire day in between rides trying to manage tantrum after tantrum. The only time he managed to calm down was when he was actually ON the rides. He did not want to wait in line before the ride and did not want to get out of the ride after it was done. He did not want to meet or even see any of the characters. He did not want to go with anyone but me and Bill.  

My poor parents, brother, and sister-in-law - who were so excited to witness the magic of Dylan's first trip to Disney World - were hugely disappointed, as were we. Around 5 pm we decided the crowds were way too crazy and headed out of the park.

The next day after breakfast we headed to Epcot. We were very worried that the crowds would be just as crazy as in Magic Kingdom, but we were pleasantly surprised. It was crowded, but not unmanageable. We never waited more than 30 minutes to go on a ride, and this really helped assuage Dylan's continuing bad mood.

That's right, he was still a mess, although a bit better than the previous day. He actually spent some time playing around with my parents and Jadit and Arleane and enjoyed exploring the park. He especially loved the Finding Nemo ride and looking at all the fish after the ride was over.  In fact, he spent a good while alone with my dad looking at them. Finally, we though, the kid is staring to get it.  We did have to deal with a few tantrums, but all in all it was a much better day than the previous one.

On the third day, we went to Animal Kingdom. We were really excited about this park because Dylan absolutely loves animals. His current obsession is whales. In fact, whenever we mentioned we were going to Animal Kingdom, he would answer with "And go see orcas!"

You might see the problem here...there are no orcas in Animal Kingdom. We tried  to distract him by mentioning all the other animals he would see, but in his eyes, if it wasn't orcas or belugas, he was not all that interested...

(Continues next week)


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