The Sounds of Christmas

Can you feel it?  Christmas is in the air.  At our house, you can more than feel can hear it.  Christmas is in the air in the way of music as my boys are addicted to Christmas music.  They are running around the house singing and dancing to Frosty, Jingle Bells, you name it...they sing it.


I guess I am to blame, or should I say my mom is to blame.  When we were growing up, my mom started playing the Christmas records right after Thanksgiving, and played them all day long.  She had about eight albums and we heard them over and over again.  We would sit in the living room and sing and dance.  So needless to say, I know the words to pretty much every Christmas song out there.


So when Cooper was born, instead of singing him children's songs, I sang him Christmas songs because I did not know the words to many of the traditional children's songs.  I remember the first time Ken caught me singing Christmas songs to Cooper, he was like, "'s October."  I figured it was better to sing him Christmas songs than to sing Train or Black Eyed Peas...right? Ken did admit that it worked with Cooper, especially at 3am when nothing else would.


Thanks to some Gymboree classes and play dates, I have expanded my knowledge of children's songs beyond Twinkle Twinkle and Row Row Row Your Boat.  However, even when Cole was a baby, I still referred back to my Christmas classics during those long nights when 10 minutes of singing just would not cut it.


Now that it is Christmastime, the boys are in heaven because every where they go, Christmas music is playing.  We have 93.9 Lite FM playing in the car, and when we are home, we tune into a 24 hour Christmas music station that plays all of the classics.  We have a musical Mickey's Christmas Carols book that we read every night that plays all of our favorites.  Plus, the lights on our Christmas tree play holiday music, and of course, both boys must go to sleep to their favorite Christmas CDs. 


So I guess it's no wonder that both of them wander around the house humming or singing Christmas carols.  Cooper is amazing as he knows them all, almost better than me!  It's pretty cool that this tradition has been passed down to Cooper and Cole. 


Wait until my mom hears them on Christmas Day...she will be so proud!


Check out some of our holiday fun in the pictures below.


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  • I'm with 'ya! We don't actually start singing Christmas songs until the first week of December, but we get every disc imaginable from the library, PLUS, 93.9 LITE FM, PLUS all the CDs we have at home. Elvis Presley Christmas is one of our favs when trimming the tree! :)

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