T Minus 3 Days

Christmas is finally over.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Holiday Season but I am also happy that we are back to reality; well, at least for three more days since I am leaving for Puerto Rico on New Year's day. 

To do list before blast-off:

-Take out all Christmas decorations

-Finish all Christmas shopping (Which means, no Holiday crazy crowds since I am shopping after the 25th!)

-Lose two pounds

-Pack all Summer items for myself (Cute dresses, sandals, bikinis, more cute dresses, flat and curling irons and more shoes! Hopefully, my luggage will not go astray this time!  Remember my Meditarranen Cruise nightmare?)

-Pack everything for the kids while Enrico packs for himself

-Lose two pounds

-Cycle like a crazy workoutholic that I am until those skinny jeans fit like a glove again!

-Get my hair and nails done

-Lose two pounds

Now, let me explain how it goes.  We only get to go back home once a year so for me it is a huge production.  I wish I could say that I didn't care, but I've been planning my outfits for the last couple of weeks; after all, vanity is my favorite sin.  In two weeks, we'll get to see parents, grandparents, cousins, old friends and hopefully, between all the luncheons, dinners and parties, we'll get some time to relax and enjoy the beach and the fabulous Puerto Rican weather in January.

I am also attending my 15 year High School reunion the day after we get to the island.  I must confess: I am thrilled.  Back home I went to a small Catholic High School in San Juan and we were around one hundred students in my graduating class; judging by our ten year High School reunion, the one coming up sounds like it will be a blast as well.  I'll definitely keep everyone posted.

I promise lots of great stories and pictures upon my return from paradise; in the meantime, stay warm and have a wonderful New Year 2011. 

No time for recipes today, gotta go cycling for the second time today! Ay Mama!



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  • Have fun!!! And Happy New Year!

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Thanks Anita! Happy New Year to you too!

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