Day care cough

It's not an official condition but I think my daughter has day care cough. A month after starting day care, she got a cold and hasn't stopped coughing since. Well, I should say it has been much more than a cough. 

As of October 18th,  Amelia has had a cold with a fever, pink eye, strep throat (which led to a a head to toe rash that revealed she is allergic to penicillin) and another cold with a fever. All these illnesses happen so close to each other, I'm always thinking that she hasn't gotten over the original cold.  My poor girl is a human petri dish. 
Doctors, friends and family assure me this is normal and in fact good for our daughter. It happens to every child when they start school and share germs with other children. The worst part is that I can't stop other parents from sending their sick kids to day care. I can't even blame them since I understand, in many cases,  that' s the only option they have when it comes to child care. I'm lucky that Amelia can stay home with a baby sitter as often as she needs to. 
That takes me to my biggest question of all, when do I send her back to day care?  Again, doctors, friends and family say as soon as she's fever free for 24 hours.  Well, some family members want me to keep her home for 2 weeks, until we leave for Christmas in Puerto Rico.
I know it sounds exaggerated but they speak out of experience and fear. Last Christmas, all three of us got sick on our way down to PR. Literally, I think we caught it at the airport and it festered inside the airplane. It was one of the most miserable vacations we have had. We missed Christmas Eve at my brother's and on December 26th, all three of us went to a local clinic for medication.  Plus, we got my parents and sister in law sick.  Hence, my mother's hesitation about us sending Amelia to day care before her visit. 
It's an extreme measure and my girl's immune system needs to get stronger by exposure. She can't grow up like the boy in the bubble. Yet,  I have to admit that I might keep her home a few days before we leave, just in case. What do you think? Ay Mama!


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  • Dylan tambien ha estado mas enfermito que lo usual en este su primer ano en la escuelita. Estoy contigo con lo de mantener a Amelia en casa unos dias antes de ir a PR. Yo hize lo mismo antes de la operacion de Dylan, lo tuve en casa toda esa semana pq tenia un pequeno catarrito y no queria que empeorara. Ojala que no se te aguen las vacaciones otra vez!

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