Christmas without snow

As you read,  this I'm home for the Holidays. Please don't hate me because home happens to be San Juan, PR one of the Top 10 cities in the world to spend Christmas. Oh and I don't want to hear how it's not Christmas without snow. Yes, our pines dry up quickly but they look right at home in our tropical paradise as they do in your freezing town. 

In all honesty,  I make an effort to spend every Christmas in Puerto Rico, not just because of the warm weather that my body begs for during one of Chicago's freezing spells, but because I need to be with my family during this time of year. 
Right now, I'm probably eating a "mallorca" that my mother drove a half hour (that's a long drive in PR) to make sure my husband and I could have for breakfast every morning. Soon my Dad will take his second granddaughter to check out his horse in the hopes that Amelia loves that animal as much as he does.  My brother and sister in law will have us over for Christmas Eve with our extended family and friends.  And I get to wake up Christmas morning to see Amelia's face when she figures out Santa ate the cookies she left. 
I hope wherever you spend Christmas this year you are surrounded by the people you love creating memories that last one generation after another, with or without snow.
Feliz Navidad! Ay Mama!


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  • Sounds wonderful!!! Have fun! The pictures are awesome! Enjoy!

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