My Baby Becomes A Toddler

Well, it's official...I am no longer in the baby stage.  My youngest Cole just turned two and I am so sad.  The last two years went by so fast and my baby is now a toddler.


When I had Cooper, my four-year-old, I remember enjoying every moment, every milestone and making time to take pictures and fill out the baby book.  With Cole, I tried to follow that same pattern, but I remember at times wishing he was walking already because my back was killing me from carrying him or wishing he was talking already because I had no idea why he was crying. However, his baby book is pretty current and I have been better with pictures, in part thanks to this blog!


Now here I am two years later and I wish I had my baby Cole back again.  He is growing up faster than Cooper did because he is trying to keep up with his big brother.  Cole wants to do everything himself, and lately he would rather be with Cooper and his friends than with us.  If you ask Cole if he is a baby or a little guy, he will say he is neither because he is a big guy.  He is walking (I mean running) all of the time and you always know what Cole wants because is not shy about telling you.  


I know I can't keep them young forever, but why is it going by so fast?  

Here are some photos from Cole's second birthday party.


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  • Where is that cake from? That's awesome. Who says the second child gets no pictures. You are great parents.

  • In reply to abelaval:

    Thank you for the kind words. The cake was from Target. Did you notice that he is holding an Oreo in every picture?

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