Eggs, Ice Cream and Family Traditions

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As April approached, I looked forward to the Easter tradition of coloring eggs, attending Maundy Thursday church service, traveling down to Springfield, IL to celebrate the holiday with my family and, of course, watching Jesus Christ Super Star.

I'm a religious person, so for me Easter is a time of reflection and renewal. Looking back on the year, I couldn't help but think of where we were and where we had been.

A year ago, Atia had mysteriously fallen. She had begun crawling instead of walking. She had suffered vicious shaking spells and high fevers. We had taken her to the emergency room twice with no diagnosis. We had been so confused and so scared and on the verge of learning that Atia had cancer.

So this year, we were grateful and celebrated Atia's improved health. Unfortunately, the Friday before Easter, Atia had a chemotherapy appointment at the hospital and Steve had to work late because of a software rollout (So irritating! Who schedules those just before a holiday?).

We made the difficult decision to stay in Chicago and celebrate as a family of four. To my surprise, the weekend turned out nicely.


To see a video of the kids on Easter, click here.

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